• Dublin High School Letters of Recommendation Procedures

    Some colleges/universities, specialized summer programs and scholarships may require one or more letters of recommendation. Verify with the campus or program how many recommendations are equired or allowed and who they require to write the letter. Students are advised to request letters of recommendation only for programs or scholarships that require these letters.  Submitting letters of recommendation to schools/programs which do not solicit them is not in a student’s best interest. If letters of recommendation are required, please follow the directions below:

    • Allow a MINIMUM OF THREE WEEKS for your recommender(s) to complete your letter.  This time does NOT include breaks or weekends.
    • Personally ask staff if they have the time and are open to writing you a letter of recommendation.
    • If they are agreeable, please provide your recommender(s) a packet containing the following:
      • A cover letter stating where you are applying, your proposed major, deadlines for the application.
      • A copy of your unofficial transcript (you can print a copy from your Infinite Campus portal)
      • copies of SAT/ACT scores
      • A copy of your resume.  The resume should list all activities that you have been engaged with during high school.  This will include information about positions of leadership, volunteer or paid work, extracurricular activities and any honors/awards.  Many students also include special skills, such as a 2nd language or technical skills.
      • A brag sheet (an outline for a brag sheet is available on the DHS Counseling website)
      • Copies of your college essays so that the counselors and teachers can learn more about you. Please be sure to include these documents as well.
    • Provide your recommender(s) with a hard copy of the above documents unless you have previously verified an electronic copy is okay. 
    • Your recommenders will upload their letter of recommendation directly to the Common Application or SENDEdu after you designate them as a recommender.  ** You do not have to complete your application prior to submitting your recommender's email. Complete this submission ASAP.  
    • After your recommender(s) complete their letter for you, it is thoughtful to write them a thank you note.  Letters usually take the recommender at least an hour to complete, so this is a significant amount of time that they will have spent at your request.  Thank you notes are appreciated.

    Counselors will upload:

    • Transcripts (Fall and 1st Semester of senior year)
    • Counselor letter of recommendation (if required)
    • Secondary School Report
    • Mid-Year Report after first semeter grades are posted

    Students are responsible for:

    • Preparing the above outlined packet for their recommenders at least THREE WEEKS before the deadline.
    • Requesting their SAT/ACT scores sent to their college choices by the testing company
    • Sending the final senior year transcript to the college they plan to attend via parchment.com.


    Brag Sheet