• DUSD Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE)


    Students wishing to enroll in Independent Study Physical Education should read the following criteria and then see the DHS Athletic Director for enrollment packet. Please note that this is NOT for 9th Graders


    Criteria and Guidelines

    To qualify for ISPE a student must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 and no conduct violations. 

    In addition, the student must meet the following criteria:

    The student is an exceptionally gifted athlete who is competing at a state or national competition level. A student participating in a non-ranked activity must be in advanced level courses.

    1. Students must provide a portfolio which include applicable evidence for meeting ISPE criteria such as: official competition records, results, or rankings; a calendar of competitive events; evidence of membership in an official league or athletic organization; copies of performance contracts; lists of competitive dance pieces; lists of advanced level course enrollment, or any other evidence of advancing rank.
    2. The supervised instruction requirement which includes training and competition or performance and must be a minimum of fifteen hours every two weeks.
    3. The parent will be required to sign a Parent Release of Liability Form which holds the District harmless from any liability or claims as a result of the ISPE program. 4. All ISPE instructors/coaches are to provide insurance verification and the hold harmless agreement provided in this packet.
    4. All Students in grade 9 are required to complete the California Education Department’s physical education fitness test.
    5. Students must receive at least a passing score on the CA Physical Fitness Test in either 7th or 9th grade tests to be eligible to participate in the ISPE program.
    6. Students in grades 11 and 12 who have completed their four semesters of physical education credit for graduation may take ISPE as an elective if they meet the criteria for participating in ISPE.
    7. Students will not be enrolled in an additional elective course to replace the regular physical education class.
    8. The parent/guardian agrees to undertake all transportation of the student to and from ISPE. The District will not provide transportation.

    While the schools will establish certain requirements in implementing this policy, the Dublin Unified School District and its schools are not responsible for the quality or conditions of instruction conducted off school premises in the ISPE program.


    Course Requirements

    1. The student shall participate in instruction, which may include competition or performance, for a minimum of fifteen hours every two weeks.
    2. ISPE logs must be submitted indicating days and hours of instruction. Logs must be signed by your instructor and parent. Logs are available from your ISPE coordinator. On the Wednesday of the last week of the quarter/term, a one-page paper is due from the student indicating his/her self-evaluation of progress toward stated goals. In addition, a one-half page statement personally written and signed by the ISPE coach/instructor is due which indicates that satisfactory progress is being made toward the goals.
    3. On the Wednesday of the last week of the semester, a two-page paper is due which must include: (a) the student's evaluation of his/her success in attaining the stated goals and objectives, answers to the questions on the report form relative to the student's sport/activity, and a statement indicating future goals if the student intends to continue the same activity for an additional semester, and (b) a one-page statement personally written and signed by the ISPE coach/instructor evaluating the student’s semester participation and progress.
    4. All second semester grade 7 and 9 ISPE students must make arrangements with the ISPE coordinator to take the state mandated California Physical Fitness test. The results of such tests must be recorded, signed and dated by the physical education instructor administering the test. This information must be turned in during the second semester.


    Independent Study PE Packet