• Boundaries Committee 2017

    Questions and Answers

    Thank you to the community who attended this past Monday’s (November 6) Community Input meeting at Fallon Middle School.  We appreciate your giving us valuable feedback to assist the Boundary Committee in providing more clarity and transparency with our work. The following Q & A summarizes information presented at the Community Input meeting and responds to feedback we received. If you have any further questions, we invite you to attend our next Community Input evening on Monday, November 13, 2017, 6:30 pm, in the DUSD, Board Room, 7471 Larkdale Ave.


    Why are we convening a Boundaries Committee?

    We began the Boundaries Committee process in July in order to respond to the following district needs:

    • Address growth in the district
    • Develop a communication plan to parents: process, timeline, input sessions, on the boundary recommendations


    As a result the committee tasks are:

    • Establishment of boundaries for K-8 Cottonwood Creek School, scheduled to open in the fall of 2018. (Establishment of the K-8 Cottonwood Creek School boundaries, will result in boundary adjustments for existing schools, including Amador, Green, and Kolb.)
    • Review and potential adjustment of the established boundaries for Fallon and Wells Middle Schools.
    • Review and potential adjustment of the established boundaries for existing west schools including Dublin Elementary, Frederiksen, and Murray.


    Go to this link to access the powerpoint presented to the community: Community Boundary Presentation Power Point

    Who is on this Committee?
    The Committee includes a representative from every school in our District, as well as site principals and is guided by our Director of Student Services with support from several staff members. Two members of our Board of Trustees also serve on this committee as well as representatives from the Dublin Teachers Association (DTA) and CSEA.

    The list of Committee staff members can be found here: Boundary Committee Member List

    What is the Committee doing?

    The Committee has spent the last several months meeting regularly. During those meetings, they have had direct access to our District’s demographer, Davis Demographics, to assess current enrollment numbers, as well as future enrollment projections for our schools. They have used these numbers and maps to create map “scenarios” for new boundary areas across the district. These “scenarios” are still be assessed, examined and have been presented to the community for their input.

    You can find meeting agendas as well as meeting summaries here: Boundary Committee Agendas and Summaries

    What assumption/criteria is the Committee using to propose boundary changes?

    A list of the assumptions/criteria being employed by the Committee can be found at this link: Boundary Committee Charge/Assumptions/Criteria

    Will my students’ boundaries change at the elementary level?

    Boundaries will be changing at the elementary level at most of our schools around the District, not only to accommodate the opening of Cottonwood Creek School and the students that will be attending our new school, but to appropriately balance our schools based on the capacity that they are able to hold. We anticipate that our student population will continue to grow and the committee has been thoughtful in its deliberation about how those increases will impact school sites.

    What impact will these changes have on middle school boundaries?

    Currently, none of the scenarios being explored alter the boundaries for Wells Middle School. Middle school boundary changes will facilitate the movement of some middle-school age students from Fallon Middle School to Cottonwood Creek. We anticipate that next year we will have no diversions to Wells Middle School from the Fallon Middle School Boundaries area. Students living in the East who have been diverted to Wells Middle School will be returned to Fallon or Cottonwood Creek, depending on the approved boundaries,

    Will my student be forced to move to a new school if boundaries are changed at their current school?

    We have, in the past, “grandfathered” students into their original school site if they choose to stay. That option is being considered by the committee as part of its recommendation to the Board. That decision ultimately lies with the Board of Trustees.

    When will the Committee make recommendations to the Board?
    We expect that the Committee will send its recommended scenarios to the Board of Trustees either in late November or early December. The Board of Trustees will then make a decision on new boundaries.

    How can I give my input?
    You can attend the Community Input Meeting on Monday, November 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the DUSD Board Room at 7471 Larkdale Ave. All “scenario” maps will be available and committee members will be in attendance to speak directly to the considerations used in coming up with each scenario and to answer questions.