• What does the GATE program look like in DUSD?

    In prior years, including when many of today’s parents and educators were students in school, the state provided special funding for pull-out programs that took place during the school day. The state moved away from that model about ten years ago and discontinued all funding, instead expecting that districts place GATE-identified students in different classes across grade levels.

    In grades 3-5, students who are GATE-identified are grouped together by forming clusters within the heterogeneous classes. In addition, some schools use part-time grouping where students who are GATE identified from more than one class are brought together for instructional purposes.

    At the middle school level, students who are GATE-identified are clustered within core subject classes in grades 6-8. All students have the opportunity to be in an accelerated math pathway, based on demonstration of mastery of prerequisite skills.

    At the high school level, all students have the opportunity to be admitted into Honors and Advanced Placement classes in selected courses based on performance. Eligibility for Honors and Advanced classes is determined by the results of assessments designed for specific courses and/or by teacher recommendation.

    Additionally, resources are shared on the DUSD website, under the Ed Services tab, for parents to use to supplement their child’s experiences outside of the school day.

    For more information, please visit DUSD's Gate Page.