• Policies and Procedures

    Policies and Procedures

    Please note that these are subject to change as we discover our learning needs here in C-3. 


    It is critical that your child be present in the classroom. Please schedule appointments or vacations during non-school hours or days. Independent study cannot replace the value of classroom experience. That being said, if you child is going to be absent, please let me know as early as possible. 

    School begins at 8.25am promptly each day. Students will be expected to be in the classroom, ready to start our Morning Activity. Please make sure that your child arrives to class on-time to ensure that they are ready to learn. If you student arrives at 8.25am or later, they will need to sign in with the Campus Supervisors or Vice-Principal. Please also note that playground supervision does not begin until 8.10am.



    All students are expected to follow the four Kolb School Rules:

    1. We will follow directions with a positive attitude         
    2. We will listen when others are speaking
    3. We will keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves   
    4. We will use good manners and appropriate language 

    If a student does not follow the four school rules, they will receive a consequence consistent with school and classroom policy. 

    In our class we will be using ClassDojo to monitor student behavior. I will post more information on these policies after Back to School Night.


    Homework and Classwork Policy:

    Homework policy will be discussed at Back to School Night.


    Library: We will be attending Library each week. All library books are to be returned to class the day before our visit in preparation for the visit. 

    Birthday Celebrations:

    Please do not hand out private birthday invitations in the classroom. It is difficult to include everyone and I would like to avoid hurt feelings. Our Birthday Celebration policy will be explained at Back to School Night.

    Star of the Week

    During each week of school, we will have a Star of the Week. When it is your child’s turn to be Star of the Week, they will receive a letter with further instructions. 

    Completed Work
    Completed and graded work will be sent home on a regular basis. 


    Personal Items

              Please label all of your child’s belongings, especially Kolb shirts/sweatshirts, backpacks, and lunchboxes! All money sent to the class for any reason should be in an envelope with you child’s full name and what it is for so that nothing gets misplaced. NO TOYS are allowed. I do not want special possessions to get lost or misplaced. It is a school-wide rule to not allow toys.


    End of Day Release
    Students will be released when they recognize a caregiver or family member that is present to pick them up. If no such caregiver arrives within 10 minutes your child will be sent to the   office.


    EDCC, Yang Fan, Rec, and other After School Programs:

    EDCC is located in the building next to the parking lot. After school rec is in the multi-purpose room. Students attending these programs will be released first from the classroom to ensure that they arrive promptly.

    Yang Fan students are to be picked up at the flagpole. 

     Please let me know if your child will be attending an after school program.


    WE LOVE VOLUNTEERS! I will send home a volunteer sign up sheet early in the school year via email. Volunteer help in any way is appreciated, in the classroom, at home prep work, making copies, class parties, field trips.

    All volunteers must be cleared. Each volunteer must fill out the appropriate paperwork to work in the classroom. All volunteers must sign in at the front office and get a sticker to be on campus.