• We Want Your Child in School...Every Day!

    Why student attendance is important to us...

    Did you know that the State only gives the district money ($36.10 per student per day) when your child is sitting in a seat each day?  According to the State, there is no such thing as an “excused” absence, regardless of the reason (even illness or doctor’s appointment), when it comes to reimbursing the district for costs incurred in educating our students.  The district only receives funding for students who are present and in class each day.  

    Within the context of the current budget crisis, our district needs to generate as much revenue as possible to support our programs. One simple way you can help us combat the forthcoming cuts in education is to send your child to school each and every day. 

    Absences district wide average 200 students per day.  
    This equals a loss of state funds to the district totaling $7220 per day!

    So what can you do to improve your child’s attendance?
    • Make your child’s attendance in school a top priority!
    • If your child is sick and is running a fever, they must stay home.  However, if a child attends school for even a partial day, we can receive revenue for that day.  So when your child says, “I’m sick”, please make sure that this is really the case.
    • Make doctor’s or dentist appointment’s outside the school day if possible, but if that’s not possible, bring your child to school before or after the appointment and that day can be counted.
    • Make plans for trips or vacations during regular school breaks, holidays, and vacations.  Taking your child out of school on “extended family vacations” can have a negative effect on your child’s education.  Independent Study contracts are not a substitute for the valuable instruction your child receives from their teacher, in the classroom. If you do need to take your student out, 10 business days notice to your school is required for packets to be arranged. 
    Improving student attendance is a win-win!  Your child receives a rich educational experience and the district receives much needed funds for their education and future! 
    Student Attendance
    All parents are interested in providing their student with the best opportunity of success in school. School attendance is closely related to achievement and success in school. The number of times a student is absent or tardy significantly impacts their learning. When a student walks into their classroom late, it is disruptive to both the classroom routine, and the entire educational program. Taking family vacations during the school year is not encouraged.
    When a student is ill, we ask that you keep them home until they are ready to return to school. Please notify the office of your student's illness. When they are able to return, our policy allows them the same number of days to make up their missed work that they were out of school. Contact your student's teacher or school if this is needed.
    Student Attendance and Review Board (SARB)
    Students are referred to the School Attendance Review Board if they have persistent attendance or behavior problems in school and the normal avenues of classroom, school and district interventions do not resolve the situation.
    The SARB is composed of representatives from the school district, and members of the community at large including law enforcement, welfare, probation, mental health and youth service agencies. SARB members meet regularly to combine their expertise and resources on behalf of the students referred to them and determine appropriate resources to resolve student problems.