District behavior plans are designed to teach students how to make responsible choices, which benefit everyone. Discipline is setting limits within the context of caring. We need to impress upon students that they choose their behaviors and certain consequences may result from those choices. Behavior is learned; appropriate behavior must be modeled and taught. In order for school systems to work, they need to be actively supported by all staff and parents, and administered consistently and fairly. To ensure consistency and maintain safe school environments, a Student Code of Conduct (PDF) has been established for all schools.
    Our Code of Conduct is intended to assist students in being more responsible for their own behavior. If students clearly understand the consequences of their behaviors, they can choose their behaviors in an intelligent and responsible way that ensures the rights of all students to feel safe and to enjoy the educational experience at school.
    For a discipline policy to be effective, it must be consistent. To achieve this consistency, teachers, parents, students, and administrators must share in the responsibility for upholding school rules. Each site has established student behavior expectations which follow the included district Code of Conduct.
    Teachers are responsible for instructing students on the rules of acceptable behavior. They are also responsible for applying proper consequences when a student's behavior is inappropriate.
    Parents are responsible for reviewing the rules of appropriate behavior with their own student(s). They are responsible too for supporting and cooperating with the school in applying consequences which result from inappropriate behavior.
    Students are responsible for their own actions and have a responsibility to the school community. Once instructed by their teachers and parents regarding appropriate behavior at school, they are responsible for the decisions they make. They are responsible for reporting to and cooperating with all staff members to resolve issues. When a student decides to ignore school behavior rules, he/she must accept the consequences of his/her actions.
    Administrators are responsible for setting-up and supervising the implementation of the Code of Conduct and for establishing a hierarchy of consequences and clear steps for students sent to the office for disciplinary reasons.
    We are dedicated to our responsibility to help each student acquire the skills needed to become an effective member of our society.