• Chef Melissa Duesler

    Education: Baking and Pastry Certificate, California Culinary Academy 

    Credential: UC Berkeley Extension

    Single Subject Culinary Arts

    CTE Preliminary Credential


    Background: The craft of making good food has been an interest of mine from an early age. Growing up in a family that was focused on gatherings and the love of preparing food I found myself in the kitchen helping to cook or bake as much as I could.  While I enjoy making food of all types I have always had a passion for baking, pastries and breads. I began culinary school less than two months after highs school graduation and have been in the field ever since. I have made it a point to choose kitchens and operations that would give me the skills necessary to propel myself upward to achieve my goals. Along this journey as moving into various leadership positions it was a necessity to be able to teach, lead and motivate others. Being structured, patient and having a love of teaching has allowed me to help others achieve their goals. After 15 years of working in commercial kitchens I decided to take on a new adventure and work with teens. 

    Teaching Philosophy: I'm looking forward to using my commercial kitchen background to inspire and instill this next generation with skills they can not only take with them but use over their life time. I believe everyone should be given the opportunity the learn to bake and will do my part to teach in a fun and save environment.

    Personal Notes: If I'm not in a kitchen I spend as much time as a can with my family, having three small kids means never a dull moment and I wouldn't have it any other way.