Your 2020-2021 class schedule is based upon your course requests and teacher recommendations.

    If you have any of the following problems, please fill up the required DHS Schedule Change Request 20-21 Google form for your request to be processed. A new schedule will be emailed to you once completed.

    • You are in a class that you already passed
    • Your schedule has an empty period with no class scheduled
    • You have transportation/schedule conflict due to a ROP class
    • You have an issue with a teacher assistant (TA) assignment
    • Your teacher recommends a level change

     Please note that schedule changes will not be considered for the following circumstances:

    • Change of schedule from previously selected course (deadline to change was March 30)
    • Change of teacher
    • Change of class period
    • Level changes (unless directed by teaching staff that the student is misplaced)
    • Change of elective - if you selected your elective, even if it is not your first choice of course, you are placed in an elective where it best worked with your other classes.

     Thank you for your attention to this policy. We wish you an amazing school year!


                                                                The Dublin High School Counseling Department