• Instructor: Chef Melissa Duesler


    Culinary Arts

    Baking and Pastry

    Phone: 833-3300 Ex. 7246

    Email: dueslermelissa@dublinusd.org

    Room: H-8 & H-4




    Welcome to Dublin High School! We will begin the 2020-2021 school year with distance learning. We recognize that this is a new way of teaching and learning...we are all learning together and together we will have a successful year!! Your active participation is essential to your success. We thank students (and families) in advance for your communication, patience and grace as we work to give you the best education possible. We are committed to your growth and development as learners and individuals. 

    1. Introduction/Syllabus: This course introduces students to food production, management, service activities, and nutrition topics. Emphasis is placed on sanitation, safety, kitchen appliances and equipment, food purchasing, meal costing and basic food preparation. Nutrition topics include basic nutrients and My Plate. Skills in mathematics, science, and communication are reinforced. 
    2. Materials: 
    • Textbooks-    Culinary Essentials, by Johnson and Wales University, Glencoe, 2006. 

    On Baking, 

    Guide to Good Food 


    • Students will not need nor be allowed to take the text from the classroom. Any portions of the textbook that will be utilized can be found on the instructor Canvas page. 

    III. Grading Policy: Unlike the end of last year’s emergency distance learning program in which students only had to complete a minimum of work to earn academic credit, this year students will earn letter grades. 

    Dublin High School Grading Policy Grading, homework and absent work are in accordance with the school’s official policies. 

    100 - 95 = A 89-85 = B 79 -72 = C 69-65= D 95 - 90 = A- 85-80 = B- 72-70 = C- 65-60 = D- 90-89 = B+ 80-79 = C+ 70-69 = D+ 60 below= F 

    Students demonstrate their knowledge and skills related to cooking and nutrition by completing daily assignments, exams, and cooking labs where possible. 

    Assignments should represent your best effort and be turned in on or before the due date. Labs must be made-up within one week of an absence or as agreed upon by the instructor. Absent work assignments can be obtained 

    from the instructor’s Canvas account and should be submitted to the instructor as per the Canvas directions for credit. Students are responsible for taking care of all make-up assignments. This means finding out what was missed, when it is due, etc. 

    Grades are determined by: 

    • Participation in cooking preparation and labs as much as individual households allow 
    • Quizzes and Tests 
    • Written assignments, discussions and warm-ups 

    IV: Asynchronous (not happening in real time) Assignments Information Distance learning has been reimagined to accommodate the student learning experience during a culinary course. Your instructor has crafted a number of assignments that students can complete while learning about culinary at home. These assignments will include teacher demonstrations, cooking videos, written assignments, class discussions and student at home cooking when feasible. 

    V: Homework This course is designed to allow students to complete their work during the allotted time each week. There may be times when the assigned work is not completed during the scheduled class period. Students should notify the instructor for an extended due date. Cooking labs, when assigned, shall be completed outside of the regular scheduled class with parent or guardian approval. 

    VI: Teacher Availability Office Hours- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and  Friday 2:35 - 3:30 pm 

    Intervention Hours- Monday and Thursday 1:10 - 1:45pm, Wednesday 10:00- 10:40 am 

    Although these are the scheduled office hours and intervention times, appointments can be scheduled outside of these hours by contacting your instructor. 

    Directed Intervention: Students who are struggling academically will be asked to attend an intervention session. This session is mandatory. Students who fail to attend can expect to be contacted by his/her assistant principal. Need more help? Tutors are available. HUB

    VII. Dublin High School Code of Conduct: Dublin High School values personal integrity. We rely on academic honesty and responsibility to support intellectual growth and create a fair learning environment. We recognize that the pressure to obtain good grades can lead students to panic...and cheat. We firmly believe that cheating denies the value of education, damages the ethical character of the individual student, and undermines the integrity of our school community. We expect students to display academic integrity and honesty in all work. All incidents of academic dishonesty will be reported to DHS administration: please see the Gael Force Guide for consequences. 

    • Cheating on tests: Any intentional giving of or use of external assistance relating to a test or quiz without express permission of the teacher. 
    • Cheating on homework or assigned work: Both giving answers and using other’s answers constitute violation of the policy. 
    • Plagiarism: Any intentional representation of another’s ideas, words or works as one’s own. This includes the misuse of published materials, electronic materials and/or the work of other students. The original writer who intentionally shares his/her work with another, also engages in plagiarism. 
    • Unauthorized collaboration: While collaboration is often encouraged, unauthorized collaboration is not permitted. Please see your teacher for any clarification. 
    • Fabrication: Any intentional falsification or invention of data or citation. 
    • Forgery: Any unauthorized signing of another person’s name to school related documents. 

    Consequences for Academic Dishonesty: Any alleged violations of this policy will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken. Depending on the severity, one or more of the following consequences may occur: 

    • Referral to the assistant principal and contact of parent/guardian. 
    • Loss of credit for the assignment or test with no make-up permitted. 
    • Loss of Privilege detention, Saturday School and/or Suspension from school. 
    • Dropped from class with no credit. 
    • Loss of Good Standing privileges for 45 days. 
    • Removal from elected or appointed leadership positions. 

    VIII: Synchronous (happening in real time) classroom rules and expectations: Zoom etiquette 

    • Be on time for every session and stay for the whole session. Attendance will be taken. 
    • You must turn on your camera for attendance and active participation. You should be appropriately dressed. Be aware of your background and try to minimize potential distractions to both your learning and those viewing you. 
    • Please mute until the teacher calls on you. 
    • Participate and respond to instructors and students when in break out rooms.