Tuesday 3/10/20


    Close read of chp 19 CB

    Theme and Plot poster work (final project)

    English Journal Checklist



    Women's History Month Raffle Entries

    Ada Lovelace

    Malala Yousafai

    Homework: Chp 8 lesson 1 CFU's

    Monday 3/2/20


    -Conch Bearer plot and theme poster work (table work collaboration)

    -chapter 15 close read (blue only)

    -CB chps 12-13 vocab quiz

    -Homework: 1st peer edit (done online)



    Gupta Empire close read and credibilty of source assessment (see GC)


    Tuesday 3/3

    English: Writer's workshop mini lesson: transitions and sourcing statements

    2nd draft revisions on essay

    Homework: finish 2nd draft revisions



    Women's history month raffle ticket (Ida B. Wells)

    India Test Study Guide group work


    Wednesday 3/4

    English: 2nd peer edit review

    Homework: Final draft of essay



    Women's history month raffle ticket entries: Sorjourner Truth and Marie Curie

    History Journal Checklist (see GC)

    Ancient China map and timeline


    Thursday 3/5/20


    -Close Read of CB chps 15-16 (gist statements in journal)

    -Homework Close read of chp 17 (Gist statement in Journal)



    Ancient India Test





    Monday 2/24/20


    -CB vocab quiz chps 9-11

    -CB chp 9-11 packet graded

    -CB chp 12-13 packet work time


    -Intro to the Mauryan Empire-Emperor Ashoka notes (see GC)


    Read chp 7 lesson 3 do all six CFU's


    Tuesday 2/25/20


    CB: chp 14 close read (gist in journal)

    Homework: find content for your posters.  Record gists of events or character analysis (character traits).  Find quotes to support all work.



    -Go over hw

    -picture dictionary work (see GC for details)


    Wednesday 2/25/20

    English: long SSR and stamped log


    1. Close read of Background essay in Argumentative Essay Writing Unit pgs. 3-4

    (metacognitive markers and a three sentence gist written on the document)

    2. Draft a Thesis statement (page 21)



    Vocab Round up

    India Unit test: Next Thurdsay.  Study guides provided on Tues


    Thursday 2/27
    English: Intro and all three body P's done in class

    Homework: Conclusion P

    History: Gupta Empire Supplemental notes (see GC)


    Friday 2/28

    English: First typed rough draft completed in class

    History: Black History Month Poser work


    Tuesday 2/18/20


    CB chps 9-11 close reading notes work time (do them in your journal this week)

    Green Group:

    Argumentative Essay work (annotate sources 1-4)

    HW: CB chps 9-11 close reading notes



    Ancient Greece Unit test

    Hw: Chp 7 lesson 1 (all 8 CFU's)


    Wednesday 2/19

    English: Long SSR and stamped log


    History: go over HW/Begin Hinduism lesson (see GC)

    Green group HW: close read of CB chp.12

    Red and Blue: History chp 7 lesson 2 cfu's


    Thursday 2/20


    -Argumentative Essay Packet work:

      Close read and analysis of sources 4-8 (pages 9-15 of packet)

    -CB Vocab chps 9-11 definitions (posted in GC)

    -Homework: Close read of CB chps 12-13 (star evidence of theme)

    -reminder: CB chps 9-11 vocab quiz is next Monday.



    -Go over HW chp 7 lesson 2 (religions of ancient India)

    -Finish Hinduism lesson (see GC)


    Monday: 2/10/20

    English: Red and blue: Langston Hughes Assignment, black history month project assignment overview

    CB chps 6-8 packet worktime


    Green: CB Chp 9-10 Close Read

    Homework:  chp 5 lesson 2 CFUS;



    Read and annotate source 4 -Athens vs. Sparta Argumentative Essay Packet (page 9)


    Tuesday 2/11


    Close read of CB chps 9-10

    exit ticket response



    Go over HW

    Ancient Greece Test Study guide overview (test will be 2/18)


    Wednesday 2/12


    Long SSR

    Parent signature logs graded

    in class SSR log stamped



    Ancient India Unit

    -Indian Subcontinent Geologic History notice/wonder table and essential questions (In GC)

    -India Geography notice/wonder table

    -map and time line (pages 248-249)


    Thursday 2/13


    CB vocab quiz chps 6-8

    CB chp 11 close read

    CB chps 9-11 vocab words posted (quiz and close reading packet due Monday 2/24) (see GC for assignment details)



    -Mohenjo-Daro notice/wonder table and essential questions (see GC)

    -Ancient Greece Study Guide work time (test Tuesday 2/18)

    -Ancient India map and time line work time(pages 248-249)

    -Future Homework for Tuesday 2/18: chp 7 lesson 1 CFU's




    Monday 2/3/20


    -Chp 3-5 close reading packet worktime (red and blue)

    -Argumentative Essay Background information (green)

    Homework: close read of CB chp 6 (a short chapter)



    -Argumentative essay packet pages 1-5


    Chp 6 lesson 1 CFU's  (MOST of this information will be review from our PJ unit in English)


    Tuesday 2/4:


    -chp 7 CB close read

    -Chp 6 HW graded




    -go over HW

    - Essay Packet work

           establish a defintion of, "fair."

           close read of sources

          (metacognitive markers, gist statement.  Track evidence for or against                 YOUR defintion of, "fair.")


    Chp 6 lesson 2 CFU's


    Wednesday: 2/5


    Long SSR

    -parent signature log check/SSR vocab words check

    -Green Group: Chp 8 close reading hw check

    -long SSR log completed in class



    -Quality of life indicators World wide note-taking

    -HW Essential Questions in Google Classroom (put in your History NB)

    -Chp 6 lesson 2 HW: check/class discussion



    Thursday 2/6:


    -Chp 8 close read

    -3-5 vocab review (quiz tomorrow)


    Green Group only:

    Argumentative Essay:

    -Greek Government Notes (completed)

    homework: CB chps 6-8 Close Reading notes 



    -Argumentative Essay Work-Close Read of Sources

    -Go over old HW

    -New Homework: chp 6 lesson 3 CFU's ("Alexander's Empire)





    Monday 1/27/20


    Chps 1-2 close read notes worktime:

    -word attack table

    page 1

    1. Kolcatta

    2. Lorry

    3. petrol

    4. Pakoras

    5. Solemn

    6. gangly

    7. Mischievous

    8. paise 5

    9. radiant 9

    10. pooris 10

    11. docilely 11

    12. musing 13

    13. insolently 15

    14. obscuring 18

    15. rueful 21

    16. intently 22

    -Question table

    Directions:  use the space underneath the question table to answer the following questions

    1. Find one of the metaphors/smilies found on pages 5, 7, 9, or 13.  Record the quotation below and describe the author's purpose.  Why did she use this comparison?  What message did she hope to convey?

    2. What do you think happened to Anand's father?  Make a prediction and explain your reasoning.

    3.  What do you think happened to Anand when he focused his thoughts on changing his life (page 9)? Explain your reasoning.


    -Finish close reading annotations for Greek Agriculture online article


    Tuesday 1/28/20


    Notice wonder table (conch music ritual)

    Chp 3 close read


    Chp 4 close read  (record a chapter gist statement in your JOURNAL and place evidence flags in text)


    Correct chapter 5 lesson 3 homework

    Class discussion on Persian states vs. United States vs. City-states

    Wednesday HW (workbook pgs 114-115)


    Wednesday 1/29/20


    -Long SSR

    -Homework checked

    -Parent Signature logs graded

    Green Group: Close read of chapter 5 (track the same theme)



    -Peloponnesian War Notes (in Google Classroom)

    -homework: workbook pages 114-115

    Thursday : read chpater 5 lesson 4 and do all CFU's (six total)


    Thursday 1/30/20


    Red and Blue:

    -close read of chp 5

    -Review vocab terms

    -Similie/metaphors in chps 1/2 whole class discussion

    Green: Argumentative Essay Content Whole Class Discussion




    -Finish Peloponnesian War notes

    -Grade and correct hw: workbook pages 114-115

    -assign new homework: read chp 5 lesson 4 and complete all 6 CFU questions.


    Friday 1/31

    -chp 1-2 vocab quiz

    -Chp 3-5 close reading packet worktime


    Go over HW/finish Pelo. war notes







    Tuesday 1/21/20


    -STAR test re-takes/makeups

    -Research assignment worktime 

      Works Cited Page lesson (assignment due Wed. evening in Google Classroom)

    -Conch Bearer Notice/Wonder Table (written into ELA journal)


    -Go over Greek Government Lesson Exit Ticket

    -Go over chp 5 lesson 2 homework

    -New 3-4 day lesson (in Google Classroom): Ancient Greek Farming Close Reading

    Day one activities:

                                   Assignment Overview

                                   Notice and USE text features

                                   Assess the Credibility of this source

                                   first read through to get the, "flow."

    -homework assigned:

    Workbook pages 110-111 (Compare and Contrast Athens and Sparta)


    Wednesday 1/22


    Long SSR and Stamped log


    Go over HW


    Thursday 1/23/20


    Conch Bearer Unit Begins...

    -Assignment Overview Notes

    -Theme Lesson (A theme in every story, every story has a theme just below the surface runnin' through it like a stream!)

    -Chp 1 Close Read : Purpose For Reading:  Find evidence to support the theme of poverty (Poverty limits access to legitimacy in society aka: poverty is hard)



    Close Read of Article about Ancient Greek Agriculture- Day 1 Activities

    Homework:  Chp 5 lesson 3 reading and CFU's


    Friday 1/24


    -chp 2 close read

    -chps 1-2 close reading notes packet work time

    (#1-3, Gist, claim, and evidence)


    Ancient Greek Agriculture close reading activities (day 2)

    (second read with gist statements for each chunk)



    Monday 1/14/20


    -Core Novel checkouts/returns

    -Research Paper work time (paper and notes due Monday, 1/21/20)


    -Ancient Greece Timeline and Map (use color, must be neat) page 156-157

      include BOTH sides of the time line (Greece and the world).


    Tuesday 1/14

    English: Research Paper work time


    -Intro to Greece Unit hand outs

    -Homework: read 158 - 167

    do CFU's on 159, 161, 163, 164, 167


    Wednesday 1/15


    -Long SSR (stamped log)

    -Parent signature logs graded


    -Go Over HW


    Thursday 1/16


    -STAR testing


    -Greek Government Cloze Notes

    -Exit ticket on Google Classroom

    -Homework:  Chp 5 lesson 2: read section and do all CFU's


    Friday 1/17


    -SSR vocab word quiz

    -Research paper work time

      (in text citations, in text citations for more than 2 authors, researching credibility of authors, works cited pages, detecting the four types of bias, assessing the credibility of websites) 2-3 paragraphs AND research notes AND works cited page due Wed. night at 8pm. 

    -You must provide in text citations each time you switch sources.  

    -You must provide extra information about your authors if you second source has no author.  Simply google your authors and type a few sentences underneath the source in your work cited page






    Tuesday 1/7/20


    -Venn Diagram Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer

    -PJ Kahoot


    -World wide historic diasporas whole class discussion


    Wednesday 1/8/20


    -ELA Journal Checklist (graded in class this Friday)1/10/20

         1. Chp 11 Close Reading Notes

         2. Chps 12-14 Close Reading Notes

         3. Chps 15-18 Close Reading Notes

         4. Chp 16 Character Traits Work

         5. Chps 19-22 Gist Statements

         6. Venn Diagram: Compare and Contrast PJ Book and Film

    -Long SSR (red and blue only-progress check, but no new log)

    -Parent signature logs graded in class

    Green only:  Lesson and Notes: Assessing the Credibility of Sources/Detecting bias in Primary and Secondary Sources


    Diaspora/Israel Political Leader Research Time 

    History Journal Checklist (Israelites Unit)

    1. Israelites Map and Timeline (pages 112-113)

    2. Israelites Film Overview Notes

    3. Chp 4 Lesson 1 CFU's

    4. Israeli Prime Minister Research Paper Handout

    5. Ancient Israelites Modern Music Notes

        -lyrics handout

        -mood and tone table

    6. Chp 4 lesson 2 CFU's

    7. Chp 4 lesson 3 Section Review

    8. Israelites Study Guide


    Tuesday 1/7/20


    Compare and Contrast Venn Diagram PJ Lightning Thief

    -individual work time

    -group work (red and blue only)

    -whole class discussion (red only)

    PJ Novel Kahoot! Battle (red and blue only)

    Diaspora Discussion/Research paper (Green only)


    -Temperature check (SEL)

    -Diaspora Mini Research paper option 


    Wednesday 1/8/20


    -long SSR


    -Research Paper work time

    -SSR log grading conferences


    Thursday 1/9/20


    -Library Visit

    -Research Paper work time/class discussion

    -Long SSR grading conferences


    Research Paper work time


    Friday 1/10/20

    English and History: 

    -Research Paper work time

    -Long SSR grading conferences





    Friday 12/13/19

    English: day 5 writer's workshop

    -peer edit form #1

    -Due Monday - 2nd draft (revisions to the first typed draft)



    Hebrew Bible, Jewish customs classroom discussion (pages 86-87 of the workbook)



    Thursday 12/12/19


    Writer's workshop day 4:

    typed draft 

    mini lesson: transitional words and phrases



    -Whole class discussion: chapter 4 lesson 3

    -Chapter 4 vocab round up (picture dictionary)


    Homework assigned: chapter 4 lesson 3 workbook pages (86-89)



    Wednesday 12/11/19


    Writer's workshop day 3 - Conclusion graphic organizers (pages 14-15 in packet)

    mini lesson: ending on a memorable note, concluding paragraph structure

    Due by Thursday morning: Entire essay rough draft written packet)



    Homework scored/class discussion

    Homework assigned:  chapter 4 lesson 3 (do section review questions 1-4 at the end of the lesson)


    Tuesday 12/10/19


    Writer's Workshop day 2:

    Body Paragraph graphic organizers (pages 8-13 in packet)

    mini lesson: creating a topic sentence for body paragraphs, body paragraph structure



    Homework:  chapter 4 lesson 2 CFU's on pages 126 and 129


    Monday 12/9/19

    Writer's workshop - introduction pre-writing exercises, introduction rough draft

    mini lessons: the three prong thesis statement, organizing evidence, writing a hook, establishing and maintaining formal tone

    Homework:  finish rough daft of introduction (red and blue) finish organizing evidence table (green)

    Friday 12/5

    PJ chaps 15-18 close reading notes (red and blue)



    Ancient Israelites modern music notes 

    Thursday 12/5/19


    -Chapter 18 Close Read

    -Character Traits homework checked

    Homework:  Complete close reading notes in ELA journal for chaps 15-18. Recall the steps below:

    1. word attack table (include a column for the strategy you used). The words are listed in Wednesday's today in A2 in case you did not get them all down in class.

    2. Four chapter summary (gist)

    3. Your favorite evidence to support a stage of the Hero's Journey found in these chapters. (SAY)

    4. Interpret your quote for an audience unfamiliar with the story (MEANS)

    5. Provide elaboration about the significance of this event.  What makes this event a stage of the Hero's Journey?  (MATTERS).



    -Chapter 4 lesson 1 homework corrected

    -Israelites Overview Notes completed

    -Israeli Prime Minister Research Paper Assginment (due last day before the winter break)


    Wednesday 12/4/19


    -long SSR

    -Parent signature logs checked

    -Chps 15-18 Close Reading Notes (word attack table)

    Sparta 227

    defunct 231

    filament 235

    subsiding 241

    hither 253

    oblige 253

    indignation 254

    vagrants 257

    mystified 268

    qualms 281

    portcullis 291

    baleful 295



    Egypt Unit Journal Check list (graded on Friday)

    Egypt timeline and map

    CFU’s 66-74

    CFU’s pages 75-80

    CFU’s page 83 and 87

    Ancient Egypt overview and social hierarchy notes (class system)

    CFU’s on pages 90-98

    Mummification Notes

    Book of the Dead notes

    Rosetta Stone Notes

     three Important Pharaohs Notes

    Eye of Horus Center work

    Egypt Test Study Guide

    (workbook assignments do not need to be in your journal)


    Tuesday 12/3/19


    -PJ chp 17 close read


    Israelites Overview Notes

    Homework: read chapter 4 lesson 1 (pages 114-122)

                        Do CFU's on pages 118 and 122 

                              AND Lesson Review Question #3 (page 122)


    Monday 12/2/19


    -PJ chp 15 close read (chapter 16 in green group)


         Chp 16 Close Read (chapter 17 in green group)

          -Metacognitive markers (star evidence of character development/traits AND Hero's Journey)

            Record the following on lined notebook paper to glue into your journal:

          -Select 2 quotes to support 2 different character traits for Annabeth or         Percy (write out the quotes properly formatted and list at list ONE trait for each)

           -AND one quote to support the Road of Trials stage of the Hero's Journey

           -Gist Statement


            -Israelites Unit Begins: Map and Timeline  (page 112-113 in text book)

            -Reminder: Egypt joural graded on Friday 12/6

            -Upcoming small research assignment: Choose any Israeli leader from 1948 to today.  Handout with due date and details given on Wednesday


    Monday 11/18/19


    -PJ chp 14 close read with annotations

    -Homebased reading logs assigned (parent signatures required on paper logs)

    -homework: word attack table for 12-14 vocab

    1. nostalgic 193

    2. chasm 193

    3. accosted 197

    4. reluctant 199

    5. tentatively 202

    6. confined 206

    7. brood 208

    8. revelation 212

    9. silt 212

    10. descend 214


    Tuesday 11/19


    -Homework check

    -Refresher lesson - How to use your annotations to chose salient evidence

    -PJ chps 12-14 close reading notes work time



    -3 famous Pharaohs lesson notes

    -homework read textbook pages 90-98 do page 98 1-4 all

    (Egypt test study guide provided)



    Wednesday 11/20


    Long SSR time (progress and book check recorded, Home based reading logs and SSR word attack table graded)



    Egypt Test Study guide notes work time 


    Thursday 11/21


    -PJ chps 12-14 vocab quiz


    -Egypt Unit Test

    -page 98 homework scored






    Tuesday 11/12

    English: Journal check


    History: Go over chp 3 lesson 2 cfu's

    Egypt Social Hierarchy notes

    homework:  workbook pages 44-45 


    Wednesday 11/13


    long SSR and log

    Homework: close read chp 12



    go over homework

    Egyptian Hierarchy notes 


    Thursday 11/14


    -PJ chp 11 close reading notes work time

    -Homework check (PJ chp 12 close reading annotations)


    Egyptian Book of the Dead notes and class discussion


    Friday 11/15


    -PJ chp 11 vocab quiz

    -PJ chp 13 close read

    History: Egyptian Mummification Process notes and class discussion


    Monday 11/4


    Chp 9/10 vocab quiz

    Hero's Journey wheels



    Chp 2 history test

    homework:  page 65 map and timeline


    Tuesday  11/5


    PJ chp 11 close read

    Hero's Journey Quiz (green group only)

    Hero's Journey Notes (red and blue only)



    homework corrected

    "The Nile River" inquiry journal pages 38-39

    Homework:  read 75-80 (text book) do all four CFU questions


    Wednesday 11/6


    Long SSR/log and book check



    Correct HW

    Ancient Egypt overview and social hierarchy notes


    Thursday 11/7


    English Journal Table of Contents Review

    Hero's Journey Quiz



    Homework (due next Tuesday)

    Read text book pages 81-87 do CFU's on pages 83 and 87


    Friday 11/7

    English:  Percy Jackson Chp 11 Vocab List (quiz next Friday)

    1. Mournfully 169

    2. Faltererd 169

    3. Flanking 171

    4. scornfully 172

    5. Elegant 172

    6. vaguely 172

    7. impulsive 173

    8. marred 176

    9. abruptly 177

    10. chastised 178

    11. lull 178

    12. modulated 180

    13. petrify 184

    14. impertinent 180

    15. convexity 182

    16. insufferable 185





    Monday: 10/29


    -Context clues notetaking

    -PJ chps 9-10 vocab list

















    (Quiz Friday)

    Homework: Use context clues to guess the definition of the words (use your close reading packet)



    -Chapter 2 study guide notes

    -table of contents for Friday Mesopotamia Journal check:

    Mesopotamia map and timeline

    Unit Preview Notes

    Vocab Round up

    Pages 49-57 homework

    Sumerian Inventions

    Cuneiform Notes

    Epic of Gilgamesh Film Notes

    Epic of Gilgamesh Close Reading Packet

    Epic of Gilgamesh skit notes

    Hammurabi's code packet

    Chapter 2 study guide 

    Cuneiform Center Handout


    Tuesday 10/30


    -Context Clues notes

    Homework: use context clues strategies to attack PJ 9/10 vocab



    -chp 2 test study guide

    -History Journal check table of contents


    Wednesday 10/30


    -PJ chps 9/10 close reading notes packet work time

    -context clues homework corrected



    -chp 2 study guide work time

    Homework assigned:  Chp 3 lesson 1 questions 1-4


    Thursday 10/31

    History of Halloween Notes


    Friday 11/1


    Chps 9/10 close reading notes work time/SAY, MEANS, MATTERS notes, Hero's Journey Wheels



    Egypt unit homework corrected

    journals graded







    Hero's Journey mix n match tiles

    1. strange in the ordinary world

    2. call to adventure

    3. mentor help

    4. departure

    5. ally help

    6. Quest

    7. trials

    8. the final battle

    9. returns home a hero



    close read of PJ chapter 8

    star evidence of character development (luke and percy) and rising action

    gist statement AND character trait list due tomorrow


    Epic of Gilgamesh skit performances


    Tuesday 10/22


    Choosing Salient Evidence to Support a Claim

    Homework: Close read of PJ chp 9.  Find evidence to support Hero's Journey stages


    Close Read of Hammubi's code (pages 1-2 of handout)


    Wednesday 10/23/19

    English:  Red/blue

    Using evidence to support a claim - notetaking

                - Finding evidence to support the Hero's Journey  


    Hero's Journey wheels



    Hammurabi's code close reading and finding evidence to support  a  claim

    (four page handout)


    Thursday 10/24/19

    English: Making a Personal Sensory Connection to the Hero's Journey

    (handout: Cloze Notes)



    Hammurabi's code continued:

    Analyzing Primary Sources/using evidence to support  a claim (four page handout)




    Monday 10/14/19


    PJ chp 4 close read/annotations

    Homework: read chp 5 complete annotations


    Epic of Gilgamesh table tablet assignments close read.



    English PJ chps 3-5 close reading notes work time

    Vocab words for the week:






















    Epic of Gilgamesh mini project work time


    Wednesday 10/16

    English: Long SSR

    -book/progress check

    -stamped log



    -Epic of Gilgamesh presentation work time


    Thursday 10/17

    English: close read of PJ chp 6

    chp 3-5 word review (quiz tomorrow)

    Homework: read chp 7 and complete annotations

    star evidence of character development for Percy and Annabeth



    Epic of Gilgmesh presentation work time.  final draft of scripts due


    Friday 10/18


    Chps 3-5 vocab quiz

    Homework graded



    Epic of Gilgamesh skit work time









    Monday 10/7

    English : Greek gods slides notes

    Homework: Close read of PJ chapter 2:

    Annotate metacognitive markers and RA/E plot markers and provide a GIST (quick summary) statement


    Tuesday 10/8


    Chp. 2 Percy Jackson Quiz

    Close Reading Notes Chps 1-2



    Epic of Gilgamesh Close Read


    Wednesday 10/9


    SSR book check/SSR log

    PJ Close Reading Notes (chps 1-2)



    Cuneiform center work

    Epic of Gilgamesh Note-taking


    Thursday 10/10


    PJ chps 1-2 close reading notes concluded

    -whole class discussion

    -word for the quiz:

    1. envy

    2. stele

    3. paraphrase

    4. disgorge

    5. frieze

    6. obnoxious

    7. conjugating

    8. ajar

    9. confound

    10. materialized



    Cuneiform center work

    Epic of Gilgamesh Group work

    1. close read of assigned tablets

    2. choose a method to teach the class your section

    -readers theater

    -poster project (with presetation)

    -act out a skit, rap, rhyme, or song (must present an outline in advance)

    -make a model (with presentation)

    Due Next Wednesday  Worth 10 points


    Friday 10/11/19

    English: PJ chp 1-2 vocab quiz

    PJ chp 3 close Read


    Epic of Gilgamesh dicussion





    Monday 9/30


    Greek God Slide assignment completed by end of class


    Meso. timeline and map in journal

    Homework: workbook pages 21-23


    Tuesday 10/1

    English:  PJ novels distributed in library - librarian lessons on novel care

    - Greek God Slide Note-taking

    History: Go over homework AND add annotation on Meso. geograhy


    Wed 10/2

    English: Shrouded in Myth Close Reading AND Myth Lesson Notes

    I. Notice Wonder table on Perseus Image

    II. Crash Course Video-What is a Myth?

          A. detailed collaborative discussion (table talk)

          B. Explicit instruction/whole class discussion

    (note:  when we view any instructional video in A2, we always, always, always, use it merely as a starting place to dive into brand new content.  We always follow that up with rich and deep analysis of the content with explicit instruction accompanied by note-taking.  A video never, ever stands alone as a be all end instructional strategy.)

    Homework: finish Shrouded in Myth Close Reading (metacognitive markers and gist statements for each chunk).


    Thursday 10/3


    -Greek slide presentation notes continued

    -Myth Lesson Essential Questions note taking continued:

    1 What is a myth and why do people invent them?


    2. What purpose do they serve?


    3. What can we learn about a society based on the themes, imagery, plot, setting, and characters found in their myths?


    -Shrouded in Myth table talk discussion

    -Shrouded in Myth whole class discussion/note taking


    (Percy Jackson chapter 1 read tomorrow)


    Chapter 2 (Mesopotamia) picture dictionary












    social hierarchy


    stratified vs. egalitarian

    sedentary vs. nomadic

    polytheism vs. monotheism

    patriarchy vs. matriarchy


    homework: read chapter 2 lesson 2 in textbook - Mesopotamian Empires

    (pages 49-58)

    Do CFU's on pages 51, 53, 57 and Review question #3 on page 57


    Friday 10/4

    English: Percy Jackson chapter 1 close read (plot marker and metacognitive marker annotations)


    Sumerian Inventions Notetaking:

    Whole class discussion/table talk/film notes - note:  You cannot make this up due to absence by merely watching the short film since it does not cover the information captured in the notes.  Films are always used as a visual aid, and never an instructional strategy alone.






    Monday 9/23

    English- Writer workshop - teacher feedback continued, draft writing and editing continued


    History- Chapter 1 test



    Tuesday 9/24

    English-Writer Workshop/teacher feedback continued,draft writing and editing

    History-score multiple choice/T/F questions on test, homework assigned:

    read textbook 35-40

    Do CFU on page 40 


    Wednesday 9/25

    English: Last day of writer workshop for Personal Narrative


    History test graded

    hw assigned: read text book 35-40, do page 40 CFU


    Thursday 9/26

    English: Greek God google slides

    History; Catalhoyuk vs. Jericho research and essential questions

    homework graded in class


    Friday 9/27

    English: Journal check, google slides continued

    History: Journal check, research assignment continued





    Monday 9/16



    Character Traits lesson (notes for journal), hook re-writes graded in class



    -Homework:  read pages 21-24, do page 24 (the two, "Checking for Understanding Questions"

    -workbook pages 6-7 graded in class


    Tuesday: 9/17

    English: Character Traits vocab round up in ELA journal

    History: Go over HW


    Wednesday: 9/18

    English- Writer Workshop

    Homework: Choose two character traits for Charles/Laurie and provide evidence and reasoning for each. 


    Thursday: 9/19

    English: How to use a dash - mini lesson

    -short film essential questions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPeo7rQ7ioM

    1. What is the difference between a dash and a colon when used in a sentence?

    2.What is the difference between a dash and a hyphen?

    3. How do I type a dash?


    Essay drafting/editing time:

    - Add one dash to your Personal Narrative



    Natufians lesson concluded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7bqi70B3tE

    Independent work-complete outline film notes.

    Group work/whole class discussionEssential Questions:

    1. How were the Natufians able to live a sedentary lifestyle without having to grow food or herd livestock?

    2. How did climate change affect the Natufians? (and what was that climate shift?)

    3. What became of the Natufians after this climate change?  How did new technology save the few that survived?


    Friday 9/20

    English-Character traits quiz

    History-Annotate study guide

                -Class discussion notes-Natufian essential questions





    Monday: 9/9

    English:  Practice procedures in A2


    -Grade Early Humans Quiz (credit recovery available tomorrow for any students who scored 9.5 or lower)

    -Human Migration Map in History journal (see page 11 of text book) 



    Tuesday: 9/10


    -Further lessons on how to use the Peer 2 edit form

    -Student writer workshop time (personal narrative small moment essay)



    -Introduction to Hunter Gatherers (Paleolithic People)

            Note taking (constructed response in history journal) on Ice world film:

            https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=LmjeBqpgsoA

            Essential Questions (answered in group work AND whole class discussion:

    1. Review: How did the Ice Age Shape human evolution?




    2. How did modern humans use technology to deal with the harsh climate of the ice age?   


    3.  How did hunter/gatherers divide up the tasks required for survival?


    4.  What is a clan and how is it organized?


    5.  What does it mean to hunt and gather and how is this different from they way we obtain our food today?


      The iceage dried out our forests in Africa, which forced us to evolve bipedaism, even larger brains, and opposable thumbs.  All of which allowed for collective learning. 

    Humans used animal skins to make warm clothing, they made warmer shelter with inproved construction, and used tools to make fire and hunt prey.


    Men hunted prey animals in small hunting parties. The women gathered wild food growing nearby while they took care of the children in the clan.



    Homework assigned  (chapter 1 lesson 2): 

    Read text book pages 13-19, Do History Workbook pages 6-7



    Wednesday: 9/11

    English: Writing a Hook film/class dicussion notes 


                   Homework (due Monday) - rewrite the hook and exposition in your       small moment personal narrative using two new formats (of the 7 learned in class) 


    History: 9/11 Primary Source class discussion (Blue Group)

                  Chapter 1 lesson 2 work book homework scored (red group)


    Thursday: 9/12

    English/History - Close Reading Packet ("Charles")


    Friday: 9/13

    English/History (Red/Blue) - Close Reading Packet ("Name Nombres"   

    (Green) - Finish Close Reading Packet ("Charles")



    Monday: Labor Day. No School


    Tuesday: 9/3


    Red and Blue- 1st peer edit (teacher feedback started today.  Look for each of the students to get feeback from me within the next week and a half.  I am conferencing with five students each ELA period about their essays)


    Green: STAR testing



    Correct bookwork

    Crash course history notice wonder table (in History Journals)



    English (Green Only) 1st peer edit 

                 (red and blue) A2 procedures - Whole Class Discusson Practice

    History - Crash Course History Early Man video Essential Questions

                    Homework: pages 4-5 in Inquiry Journal




    English:  Peer 1 Edit form (writer workshop for Personal Narrative Essay)



    -homework graded and scored in class (pgs. 4-5 Inquiry Journal)

    -Human Ancestors Timeline (in Notes)


    English: Peer 2 Edit 

    History: Human Ancestors Quiz 



    Monday: 8/26/19

    English: Plot Elements Quiz graded and entered (green only)


    * History Journal created in class

    * History tool kit vocabulary round up (make a table in your journal)words in GC

    *Evolution Lesson Handout/Cosmos film notes (in GC)


    Tuesday: 8/27/19



    -Journal assembled

    -Dialogue tags lesson (handout in GC)

    - Homework:

             1. add two new conversations to your story using varied dialogue tags

             2. improve two exisiting conversations by using varied dialogue tags

      note:  Use proper conventions for dialogue!



    -Evolution Notes continued (lesson from yesterday)







    Type 2nd draft of essay

       * add new dialogue from homework

       * improve conventions

       * add more rising action if needed



      * finish evolution lesson (cloze notes on the Cosmos)

      *  Homework - read 4-9, do questions on pages 6 and 9 



    English: Red and Blue only-  STAR TESTING, Library vist

                   Green- 2nd draft of personal essay work time, library visit

    History: homework (pages 4-9) scored



    English: Compound sentences lesson notes

    History: Early Man notice wonder table written in notes


    Monday 8/19


    Red and Blue:

          I.  close read of, "The First and Last Time I stole Something". 

               Rising Action and Climax star markers


         I. Logging into G.C., checking out Teacher website, Logging into Infinite Campus,

        II. Photo art completion



         I. Introduction to 6th Grade History Handout 

         II. Homework:  Read HT4-HT9 

                                    Do all six, "Thinking like an historian," questions found throughout


    Tuesday: 8/20/19

     I. English - Plot diagram on Plot Elements mini unit (see GC)

    II. History - go over History book work (homework)

                    -  finish tear and glue world map

    * name art work completed)

    * log into GC, IC, and check out teacher website

    Wednesday 8/21

     One Tribe Wednesday, no coursework

    Thursday 8/22


    I. Plot Diagram work  in close reading packet for, The First and Last Time I Stole Something

    II Plot Elements Quiz


    I. Classwork Lesson/Handout:  Detecting Bias in Historical Sources

    II.  Homework assigned:Read HT19-HT23, Do all four, Thinking Like a Historian Questions.  Due Friday, 8/23

    Friday: 8/23


    I. Quiz - Plot Elements (grades entered in Infinite Campus)


    I.  Homework graded in class

    II. History Toolkit Vocabulary round up (see GC for list) - Red group only