• Welcome to the Dublin Unified School District

    Welcome to the Dublin Unified School District. We are excited about your child's entry into our schools. Our teachers, administrators and support staff are committed to academic excellence and quality service for our families. As such, we hope to make the enrollment process as quick and convenient as possible. You may begin the enrollment process once you are living in Dublin.


    Important Dates

    January 13, 2021 - Portal opens to apply for DKA/Kindergarten Registration

    February 14, 2021 - March 16, 2021 - Intra-District Transfer request window

    March 2021 - Portal opens to apply for new student registration in grades 1-12

    March 2021 - Applications for Inter-District Transfer may be submitted for the 2021-22 school year

    July 2021 - The parent portal will open for Fall Check In and annual updates, (required by all students currently attending DUSD).



    If you have questions about registration that are not answered on this site, please email registration@dublinusd.org


    Transfers From Another District

    If you are transferring from a nearby district, or moving from another state, you must provide documentation indicating that your child is properly immunized. We cannot allow your child to attend school until we have this documentation. If you do not have this documentation, it is acceptable to provide us with a copy from your child's school records.

    To further assist us with registration please provide the name and address of your previous school so that we can promptly request your child's school records. Additionally, if your child has any special needs, or has been receiving special educational services, a current IEP would be very helpful.


    Entering School for the First Time

    Starting school is a BIG adventure! Your child needs to feel secure in your love and companionship and needs to know that school will be an exciting, safe place. Understand that each child is unique in physical and mental growth, differing from playmates and from brothers and sisters. Enjoy this uniqueness!Check with the teacher or one of the school's specialists. Work closely with the school staff and "share" your youngster's school day by volunteering in the classroom and participating with them in afternoon and evening activities.