• What is Measure J?
    Measure J will update and modernize Dublin schools to accommodate our growing student enrollment and ensure all Dublin students have a safe and modern learning environment. Measure J will complete the second comprehensive high school, provide a new middle school and update our older schools, in addition to providing essential safety and technology updates. Measure J includes a detailed, prioritized project list to ensure urgent and critical projects are completed first. All funds will stay local and no funds can support administrator salaries. 

    How are our Dublin schools performing?
    In Dublin, we are proud of our excellent local schools, where Dublin students receive a high-quality education with strong academic programs and excellent teachers who prepare them to excel in college and the competitive economy. Families choose to move to our community because of our excellent schools, which protects property values for all of us—even those without children in school. 

    Why do we need Measure J?
    Our entire community continues to grow and more students are attending our schools. At the same time, our older schools are outdated and need to be modernized. Measure J will create a stable source of funds to help build classrooms and other school facilities to accommodate our growing student enrollment and provide all students with equal access to safe and modern facilities. 

    Specifically, how will Measure J improve our local schools?

    Measure J will:

    • Complete the second comprehensive high school
    • Provide classrooms and computer labs and build a middle school to accommodate growing student enrollment
    • Modernize older schools so they are safe and have up-to-date classrooms
    • Update facilities for quality academic instruction in core subjects like math, science, reading and writing
    • Update classroom technology to support a 21st century learning environment 

    How do we know Measure J funds will be spent wisely?

    Measure J requires strict fiscal accountability provisions:

    • Every penny will stay local to benefit Dublin schools
    • No funds can be taken away by the State
    • Independent citizen’s oversight and annual audits are required
    • No funds can support administrator salaries
    • Measure J includes a detailed, prioritized project list to ensure urgent and critical projects are completed first

    How can I be sure that funds will support these projects?
    Measure J includes a prioritized project list to ensure that the most urgent projects are completed first. Funding for projects included within the “top priority project list” must be assigned before any other projects are completed. In addition, independent citizen oversight will continue to be required to ensure all funds are spent as promised on appropriate projects. 

    Will Measure J pay for teacher or administrators’ salaries or pensions?
    No, none of the money from Measure J will be used for salaries, benefits or pensions for administrators or teachers. 

    How much will Measure J cost?
    Measure J will generate $290 million to update Dublin schools and cost approximately $50 per $100,000 of assessed value, not market value, per year. All funds will stay local and independent citizens’ oversight will be required. 

    What about the second comprehensive high school?
    We need to pass Measure J to complete the comprehensive high school. In 2016, Dublin voters supported Measure H, which was intended to fund the first phase of the second comprehensive high school. With funding from Measure H, the District has been able to secure land for the high school and expects to open the school to a limited number of students in the fall of 2022. However, we need Measure J to complete the second comprehensive high school to accommodate our growing student enrollment. Click here to learn more. 

    What about our older schools? Will they be improved?
    Yes. Measure J will provide necessary improvements to our older schools, including Dublin Elementary and Dougherty Elementary schools. These schools need to be modernized to ensure students can learn in a safe and up-to-date environment. In addition, districtwide safety updates and technology improvements will be made. Take a look at the prioritized project list within the full ballot text to learn more about the projects. 

    Is there any other way to update and improve our schools?
    Our local schools have very few options when it comes to making the necessary renovations and upgrades needed. We can’t rely on the State to complete these repairs. A local measure like Measure J is the only way to provide the essential, local funding necessary to complete prioritized projects to provide a safe and modern learning environment for our students. In addition, if Measure J passes, Dublin schools would qualify for millions of dollars in State matching funds — funds that would otherwise go to other communities. 

    I don’t have any kids in schools. How does Measure J benefit me?
    Great schools support strong, safe communities. Whether or not you have school-age children, protecting high-quality schools with Measure J means protecting our quality of life and keeping our community a desirable place for young families raise their children.

    What does Measure J mean for the district's debt?
    It’s important to note that the maximum amount of debt the district can have issued at any given time is capped by Education Code at a percentage (currently 2.5%) of the assessed value of properties within the District unless a waiver is granted the District by the California State Board of Education.

    Who can vote on Measure J?
    All registered voters living in the Dublin Unified School District are eligible to vote on Measure J. 

    When can I vote on Measure J?
    Election Day is Tuesday March 3, 2020. All voters will receive a ballot the week of February 3. 

    How many votes are needed to win?
    Measure J must be supported by 55% of those who vote on it in order for it to pass. 

    How can I register to vote?
    You can register to vote at www.registertovote.ca.gov.