As we all try to navigate through these next few weeks of distance learning, here are some resources to help support families and students' social emotional learning at home!  There are some activities, lessons, ideas, etc. that can be used to help manage worries or stress, express emotions in positive and fun ways, and foucs on kindness and graditutde for ourselves and those around us!


    Distance Learning Social Emotional Resources


    Below is a list of links for parents, with websites and resources to help manage and encourage distance learning at home, including information about time management, strategies for motivation and focus in online learning, tips to support positive communication, and much more!


    Links to Parent Resources to Help Support Distance Learning at Home


     Also, if you are looking for additonal resources or community/school support during this time, please check out the COVID-19 Resource page below, with resources/support shared by Dublin Unified counselors and social workers from both Dublin and Pleasanton Unified!


    COVID-19 Resources