• Policies and Procedures

    Class Visits

    Each elementary class has a scheduled visit to the Media Center
    once a week for 30 minutes.  If a student misses library they may,

    with teacher permission, come and return/check out a book when
    the Media Technician is available.  

    Number of Books


    # of Books










    2 plus 1 picture book


    2, plus 1 picture book

    This reflects the number of books a student may have out at any
    one time. Exceptions are made for students in Grades 3-5, on a
    site by site basis, for research reports and other projects.
    Length of Checkout Period and Renewals
    All students are permitted to keep a book as long as needed
    (within reason) under the following circumstances:
    • they are making progress in the book and not ignoring it
    • they bring the book in during each weekly class visit for renewal
    • there is not a hold on the book placed by another student
    We ask that the books be brought in each week for renewal to help
    students keep better track of their books. It is easier to locate a
    book when it is known that the book must be presented each week.
    This really helps cut down the number of misplaced or lost books.
    Overdue Policy
    Dublin Unified School District does not charge late fees for overdue
    books. However, a student will not be able to check out a new book
    until the overdue one is returned. This could result in the student
    not able to check out a new book each week. We encourage the
    students that remembering library books is their responsibility;
    however gentle reminders from parents/guardians are very helpful.
    Damaged and Lost Books
    Each year the schools in the Dublin Unified School District Library
    Media Centers suffer significant losses and/or damages to books
    and materials which are not properly cared for by students. In
    order to maintain the quality of service for all students, it is
    necessary for lost or damaged books to be replaced. You will
    receive a bill notice for the replacement cost of the book if the
    student has lost or damaged it.