• The mission of the School Site Council is to develop, approve, evaluate and modify our activities towards fulfilling the Single Plan for Student Achievement, The 2017/2018 Single Plan for Student Achievement. The council is composed of Frederiksen Parents/Caregivers and our school Faculty/Staff. This unique group ensures a partnership where all voices can be heard.

    Our fundamental mission is to promote academic success for all of our students. Governed by School Site Council By Laws 19/20 , the SSC will meet on selected Thursdays at 3:20 PM in Conference Room 3. If you have any questions or would like to share ideas to improve our school, please feel free to attend a meeting. Schedule, agendas, and meeting minutes are below.  We would love to hear from you.


    2018-2019 School Site Council Members
    Claire Mognaga
    Jennifer Ruch, Parent
    Vice President
    Anne Torok, Parent
    Lilia Tsui, Parent/ELD Specialist
    Parent Representatives
    Lilia Tsui
     Megan Lantz
    Shazia Rahman
    Staff Representatives
    Caitlin Adams-Wipfli, Assistant Principal
    Brenda Gundell, Teacher
    Jennifer Tischer, Teacher
    Lori Sevilla, Media Tech
    2019-2020 Agendas and Minutes
    Date Agenda Minutes
    9/5/19 SSC Agenda 9/5/19 SSC Minutes 9/5/19
    10/3/19  SSC Agenda 10/3/19  SSC Minutes 10/3/19
    11/7/19  SSC Agenda 11/7/19  SSC Minutes 11/7/19
    12/5/19  SSC Agenda 12/5/19  SSC Minutes 12/5/19
    2/6/20  SSC Agenda 2/6/20  SSC Minutes 2/6/20
    3/5/20  SSC Agenda 3/5/20  SSC Minutes 3/5/20