• Short Term Independent Study during Distance Learning  

    It is imperative that your student attends school daily. Lost instruction is difficult to replace. 

    In certain circumstances, though, students may wish to be absent from their assigned school site, but continue to participate in their studies.  In such cases, you may request that your student be placed on Short Term Independent Study (STIS), during which time he/she will be provided with a course of instruction to be completed away from school.  Please be sure to read the guidelines for STIS as detailed below or in this STIS during Distance Learning document.


    To request independent study, you must submit this Short Term Independent Study Request Form at least 10 full school days prior to the extended absence.  Per DUSD Student Services, we are approving short-term independent study for religious purposes only.


    Students do not have a right to participate in independent study.  Independent study is made available to students on a case-by-case basis, considering the length of the absence, the student’s academic history, teacher availability, and other factors.  Students who are not on independent study, and are who are otherwise absent for an unexcused reason, will not receive attendance or coursework credit.  Such students may also be considered truant. 

    Below are the guidelines governing independent study: 

    1. Parent/guardian must request independent study no less than 10 school days prior to their student(s)’ absence. 
    2. Independent study is granted at the District’s sole discretion.  Only students who have demonstrated that they will work independently and complete their assigned coursework will be placed on independent study.  Students whose achievement is below grade level will not be considered, nor will the District accept students who failed to timely complete an independent study contract in the past.
    3. Contracts are issued for a minimum of 5 school days and a maximum of 10 days. If your student fails to return within the timeframe listed in their contract, they may be reassigned to another school site or classroom upon their return. Additionally, they will be marked unexcused, will receive letters of truancy, may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB), and may have a drop in grades. 
    4. Contracts may not be faxed or emailed without the District’s prior written approval. 
    5. A student with disabilities, as defined in Education Code section 56026, is not eligible for independent study unless his/her individualized education program specifically provides for such participation (Education Code, § 51745)
    6. Students must timely complete each requirement listed in the independent study contract.  Students who fail to do so, and are absent for an unexcused reason, will lose course credit.  Students may also be referred to a school attendance review board for truancy proceedings. 
    7. Students on independent study during the last two weeks of school, and who will not return to the District until the following year, must return their work no later than the Friday prior to the last day of school. Independent study contracts may not continue past the last day of the school year.  

    Contracts must be approved by the principal or designee.  Independent Study Request Google Form must be completed 10 days before departure. Please do not buy plane tickets before this approval.  


    Revised FMS for DL 9.21.2020