• Optional Spelling Activities


    Complete one of the below activities each night for your spelling homework. Turn in all completed activities. If you write your words in salt or with a flashlight, just record this activity on your homework sheet.


    1.      Write spelling words 3 times each.

    2.    Put spelling words in ABC order and write 3 times each.

    3.    Write sentences using your spelling words. Underline the spelling word in each sentence. You may use more than one word in each sentence.

    4.    Story Words - Write a story using your spelling words. Underline the spelling words in your story. Try to use all of your words.

    5.    Rainbow Words – Write your spelling words in three different colors.

    6.    Ransom Words – Write your spelling words by cutting out letters from a magazine or newspaper. Paste them on a piece of paper.

    7.    Rhyming Words – Try to write a word that rhymes with each of your spelling words.

    8.    Salty Words – Pour salt in a baking dish or tray. Write your words in salt using your finger. Shake tray after each word is written for a fresh start.

    9.    Flashlight Words – Get a flashlight, go into a dark room and spell your words on the wall with the flashlight.

    10.  Triangle words – Write your words in a triangle shape until all letters have been used. Examples: would, can



              w                                    c

          wo                                  ca

          wou                                can