Mr. Gomez

    Room 12  A community of lifelong learners.


    Ways to Contact Me:

    • gomezcandido@dublinusd.org  This is the best way!  I check it everyday and can respond quickly.  Due to high spam filters, please include DPRIDE in the subject line to ensure that your email arrives to my inbox.
    • Voice Mail: (925) 828-1037 ext 5256
    • Notes given to me directly.


    The Curriculum:


    Language Arts: 

    • Implementation of Common Core Standards-Benchmark
    • Practice Workbook used to enhance Comprehension Skills, Grammar, and Spelling.
    • Core Literature 



              Narrative, Persuasive and Opinion writing



    • Implementation of Common Core Standards
    • Adding  & Subtracting multi-digit numbers
    • Multiplying single-digit numbers
    • Multistep word problems
    • Division concepts, division facts
    • Problem solving, graphing & interpreting graphs
    • Adding and subtracting fractions


    Social Studies Community:

    • Land and water in your area
    • California Indians Past and Present
    • Community over Time
    • Economy of your region



              Implementation of NGSS



    Class Rules:

    • No Bullying!
    • Allow other to get their work done!
    • Always do your best work!


    Behavior Policy:

    • Every student is expected to try their best both in and out of the classroom.  A huge emphasis is placed on taking responsibility for his or her own actions and facing the consequences that may result. 
    • Disruptive students may have (but not limited to) the following consequences depending on the severity of the behavior:

    -         Flip their behavior card/loss of recess

    -         Citation issued/loss of recess

    -         Student sent to the office


    Homework Policy:

    • Homework is given every night.  It should last about 30-40 minutes. 
    • Homework is written on the board everyday.  It is the student's responsibility to write it down in their planner.  (I go over the assignments in class and allow for questions.)
    • If for some reason, the student needs an extended time to complete any assignment, please contact me to arrange an extension. 
    • If the student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to check with me about what he/she missed.  The student has exactly how many days they were absent to complete and turn in the assignment.


             - Read grade-level book (20 minutes daily)
              - Math workbook page
              - Enrichment homework (Wordly Wise)


    Tests are given at the end of most units.  Test will NOT be sent home. If you would like to see the test, let me know, and we will setup an appointment.  


    State Testing:

    * California State Testing occurs end-of-year.


    Volunteer Opportunities / Field Trip Chaperones:

    • If you would like to volunteer in the classroom, please let me know what days and times you are available.  A variety of jobs are available including photocopying, preparing projects, working with a small group of students, monitoring the class during a project, etc.
    • If you would like to be a field trip chaperone, please let me know as soon as possible.  We can usually take one adult for every 5 students.  We also need several drivers for field trips.  Please see the office to fill out the appropriate forms to be cleared to drive.  (Field trip drivers must have proof of a designated amount of insurance and a clean driving record.)  This process takes about a week, so fill out the paperwork ahead of time!


    ** If you plan on working in the classroom with the students, YOU MUST fill out a Volunteer Form and be cleared through the district/police department.  Please see me for the forms.  The clearance is good for one year. **  




    Tentative Field Trips:


    1)    San Francisco Symphony

    2)    Forest Home Farms-San Ramon


    *More detailed information will come as soon as all the details have been confirmed.*



    Teacher Webpage:


    My teacher webpage is located on the Frederiksen Elementary webpage. 

    -         The URL is www.dublinusd.org

    -         Select Frederiksen Elementary School from the drop down menu at the top of the page.

    -         Search for my page under Teacher Sites pull down menu.