My Policies and Procedures

  • Welcome to the new school year.  I am looking forward to working with your child.


    Students in Grades 1‐5 receive physical education instruction from a specialist one class period weekly. Additionally, classroom teachers incorporate physical education within their instruction. Students are introduced to appropriate developmental movement activities, games, dance and health & body awareness information. Good sportsmanship, fair play, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle are stressed.   
    Please see that you child wears: 

     *Shoes: Athletic type tennis shoes/sneakers are appropriate, no slip in sneakers, no high heeled boots, click dress shoes, sandals, flip flops/zorries or “Heelies” 

    *Clothes: loose, comfortable clothing, shorts under skirts or dresses, sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts in cooler or cold weather. 

      *Sunscreen is suggested.  

    Students with inappropriate shoes, clothing or jewelry may have to sit out.  Repeated offenses may affect students’ grades.  

    If a student is unable to participate in one PE class then a parent note is needed in order for that non-participation to be excused.  If that non-participation is carried over into two or more consecutive classes then a doctor's note is needed for it to be excused. The doctor's note should include what the student may or may not do and for how long they need to be excused from PE.

    Your student will receive three marks for Physical Education. The grading criteria will be based on the California Physical Education Standards:

    Physical Development (skills) – Standards 1 & 2 - final grade on 3rd trimester report card

    • 1st- 5th grades = +/check mark/minus (-)

    Fitness – Standards 3 & 4 - run/pacer/planks/push-ups/curl-ups

    • 1st- 5th grades = +/check mark/minus (-)

    Participation and Behavior – Standard 5 

    • 1st- 5th grades = +/check mark/Minus (-)
    There will be an overall grade

    I look forward to a great year!  Thank you for your support.