• Policies and Proceedures:
    Students (grade 1-5) come to Fine Arts one time per week for either dance, drama, instrumental /vocal music or visual art.
    Students come with a positive attitude.
    Students are respectful to themselves and others.
    Students at least try and will have support.
    Grades/ reports:
    Anecdotal notes will be written in regard to student learning and behavior
    Rubric scores will be given for participation and skill. Plus, check or minus.
    A daily progress report is sent to each teacher after each session.
    If a student receives a "Think About It" I expect parents to sign it and return to school.
    3rd Grade:
    Students will receive a recorder and will be learning basic breathing, note values, note reading (B A G C D initially)
    Students should practice notes and or songs at least 10-20 min per week. There are many websites and games to also engage your recorder student. (Go to the music link) I have told the students to mute the commercials while they are watching T.V. and to play one song during that time. Thanks for your support.