• Mrs. Peterson’s Policies and Procedures

    Kindergarten 2019/2020


    If you have any questions or concerns during the school year, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can be reached by phone at 828-1037 x5274 or by email at petersonkathleen@dublinusd.org.



    WEEKLY SCHEDULE - Monday thru Friday – 8:35 to 12:26



    • Focus Groups (starting October)

    Tuesday, Thursday – 12:26 to 1:26

    Wednesday, Friday - 12:26 to 1:00

    • Physical Education

                   Monday - 9:15 to 9:45

                   Wear appropriate shoes.

    • Library

    Friday - 11:00 to 11:30

    Remember to return your book.




    Homework is assigned monthly in order to teach the responsibility of completing the work and returning it on time. Homework packets will be sent home on the last Friday of the month and will be due the last Thursday of the following month. (dates will vary and will be clearly marked on the Homework packet).  Your child should spend about 10 minutes per night on homework. (4 days a week).

    Homework is the following:

    1.     Handwriting

    2.    Language Arts

    3.    Math

    4.    Activity or page reinforcing classroom instruction

    5.    Nightly Reading Record Sheet - Please color the monthly object for each night of reading for 10 minutes.







    We will visit the library every Friday from 11:00 to 11:30. You must return book(s) in order to check out a new one.


    Please label all items brought to school. (jackets, lunchbox, etc.) Students often do not recognize theirs!




    Send your child to school with a healthy snack everyday. Please label.




    We will have sharing every Friday. Sharing is used to develop public speaking.  Sharing will start in October.  Your child will share once a month. A sharing schedule will go home at the beginning of each month.

    In October, November and December, your child can choose something they would like to share.  Your child will bring the sharing in a bag with three clues written on it.  He/she will tell the class the clues.  The class will try to guess what is in the bag.

     In January and the remainder of the year, sharing will be different each month.  The directions for these months will be written on the top of the monthly sharing schedule.  

     Please help your child practice speaking at home before coming to school to share.




    We will celebrate birthdays in class by singing Happy Birthday. If you would like, your child may donate a book in his/her name to the class to support our commitment to literacy at Frederiksen.  Alternatively, you may send in pencils, stickers or a goody bag for the class in honor of your student's birthday.  Please do not send a cake or other food item.  We need to be aware of allergies and other health issues.



    FREDERIKSEN School Website

    Please visit the school website at www.dublinusd.org.  All information and communication regarding Frederiksen can be accessed via the website.  It is a great place to let you know what is happening at school.




    There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in our classroom.  You can volunteer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or for special projects. You can develop film, photocopy papers, prepare materials at home, do book orders or volunteer in the classroom.  Your help is greatly appreciated and effects the instruction that I am able to provide for your child. See me if you would like to volunteer in class. Volunteers will need to provide a copy of your driver’s license/ID.  Once you are cleared you may help in the classroom.  Volunteering will start in January. Thank you for your support of our class.



    Grading is based on the Common Core State Standards. You will receive the first report card at conferences in November. Report cards will be sent home in March and June.




    In order to maintain a positive and safe learning environment, I utilize the

    following rules:

    1. Be safe (keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself)

    2. Be respectful (people and property)

    3. Be responsible (use appropriate language and actions)


    I believe in positive reinforcement and acknowledge and encourage all students to  follow the rules and to always do their best.  At times, I use raffle tickets for those making wise and safe choices. Raffle tickets are used for a chance to choose something from the prize pail.



    If your child breaks a rule, the following steps will occur:

    1. a reminder

    2. a warning where we try to work it out, then

    3. a consequence


    I use natural consequences as much as possible: settling down time, mending the problem, loss of free activity or recess. Hitting/kicking is not allowed at school and immediately gets a time out.



    I look forward to a wonderful, exciting, and positive learning experience with your children.


    Kathleen Peterson

    Kindergarten Teacher Room K3


    (925) 828-1037 x5274