Psychological Counseling Services
    Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health 
    Site-based Psychological Counseling Services
    Our Mental Health Clinician, Jessica Martins from the Hume Behavioral Health Center provides group counseling for both students and parents.  Currently, student group topics include stress management and healthy relationships.  Our parent group's focus is on effective parenting including dealing with bullying, peer pressure, and building resiliency.
    We’re willing to talk about…


    feelings, divorce, dreams, grades, conflicts, love, friends, drugs, adoption,
    discrimination, peer pressure, self-esteem, sexual orientation, abuse, weight, illness,
    gender identification/expression, adoption, suicide, loneliness, homelessness,
    homework, harassment, parents, prejudice, dying, bullying, alcohol, anger, dating,
    family issues, death of a loved one…
    This is a safe place!