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    Name:  Christine-Ann Immesoete and             Steve Silva

    Grade Level: 4th/5th Grade

    Room: Various-band room

    Subjects: Elementary Instrumental Music

    Welcome to BAND!
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    The DUSD District Concert is Wednesday,

    January 15, 2020

    at the DHS Sports Complex


    6:00 p.m., start, 5:30 in seats

    Brighton St. Parking Lot


    7:30 p.m., start, 7:00 in seats

    Village Parkway Parking Lot

    Practice " Baby Shark," "We Will Rock You,"

    and "Star Wars"

    Participation in BAND requires acceptable academic standing and good effort in the Band and General Music programs.
    You must bring your materials to attend your weekly lesson. 
     You will be sent back to class if you arrive without materials after the third week.

    Violin Book: Suzuki Book 1 for Violin

    Band Book: Yamaha Advantage Book 1 (purple) for your instrument

    **You must have an instrument and a Yamaha Advantage Band book or a Suzuki violin book by the third week.**  Students acquire their own books and instruments.
    You must have an instrument and a Yamaha Advantage book/Suzuki book to attend lessons!  Please remember to bring your materials to each class.
    Band is only once a week.  Follow up at home by practicing regularly!
    We teach elementary instrumental music at all elementary schools in the Dublin Unified School District.  Our band program includes the following instruments: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone/tuba, 5th grade percussion, and beginning violin (first time players only).  Please check each school's page for schedule information.