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    Information and Application



    All eight elementary schools in Dublin offer instrumental music lessons on woodwind, brass, beginning violin, and percussion instruments in order to meet the Music Standards of the State of California.  Every fourth and fifth grade student in the Dublin Unified School District is encouraged to learn to play an instrument.

    Each student enrolled in the band/violin program will attend a thirty minute individualized lesson on his/her chosen instrument during the week (a pull-out from class). In addition, during the weeks approaching a concert, band students will attend 30-minute mixed ensemble rehearsals of band concert music, also during the school day.  **You must have an instrument and a Yamaha Advantage Band book or a Suzuki violin book by the third week.**  Students acquire their own books and instruments.

    Important: There is no previous experience required. Your child will be given the most basic instruction from instrument assembly, care, and maintenance, to advanced techniques as he/she progresses during in-school instruction and at-home practice.  There will be ample opportunity for students to advance at their own pace in reasonably sized like-instrument groupings, assuming he/she maintains a basic home practice schedule, solidifying content experienced in band/violin classes.


    In order to participate in the Band Program, each child needs:

    1. Band Instrument or Violin (Buy/ Rent/already owned).
    2. Method Book: Essential Elements Book 1 (district provides this).
    3. Music Stand (recommended).
    4. Minimum 15 minutes of practice daily.
    5. One weekly 30-minute lesson.
    6. One 30-minute band rehearsal at concert time.
    7. 5th Grade Band/All Violins to participate in one combined elementary evening band concert, November or December. TBA.--not this year
    8. All band students (no violins) to participate in the “District Concert” in February or March, TBA.
    9. School assembly in May for elementary student audience, including recorders.


    Important Notice for students interested in learning PERCUSSION


    There will be a limit of four percussion students per school.  Only 5th grade students will be offered percussion.  In order to apply for a spot, please send an email application with student name and classroom teacher to:

    FES, JDS, KES: immesoetechris@dublinusd.org

    DES, GES, MES: silvasteve@dublinusd.org

    At each school, we will choose the first four emails, based on time of email arrival.

    Every concert will consist of about four pieces of full band arrangement music. Parts will be assigned on a rotation

    Every percussion player will be assigned snare drum for one piece, bass drum for another, auxiliary percussion for another (i.e., cymbal, woodblock, cowbell, slide whistle, etc.), and/or timpani for the remaining pieces.

    This rotation serves two vital purposes:  First, our students will all acquire facility on the many instruments that make up the percussion family.  Both of our middle schools have award-winning drum lines that require performance knowledge on a large variety of percussion instruments.  Second, a strict rotation will reduce the snare drum sound level by 75%, allowing for a more sensitive and musical performance at our elementary band concert.














    Elementary Instrumental Music Program


    All elementary schools in Dublin offer instrumental music to all interested fourth and fifth grade students.  Students are welcome and encouraged to participate as part of the California Music and Performing Arts Standards.  Our program offers instruction in flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone/tuba, percussion-limited number* (drums and auxiliary instruments), and beginning (first time only, not advanced) violin.  If you are interested in participating, please complete this form and return it at registration or to the school office, to be placed in our band mailbox. Information regarding instrument rental and retail stores may be provided to interested students.


    Student Name:_____________________________1stYear___2nd Year____




    Elementary School:______________

    Parent email:________________________________


    Mailing Address:____________________________


    Home phone:_______________________________



    Preferred Instrument* (check one):


    PERCUSSION has limited space: FIFTH GRADE ONLY

    APPLY via email (immesoetechris@dublinusd.org)

    Do not return this form for percussion.


    Flute  ___          Clarinet ___            Alto Saxophone ___ 


    Trumpet ___              French Horn­ ___                Trombone ­­___


    Beginning Violin (very first time students only)___ We do not teach beyond year 2 of violin.