• General Schedule 

    8:20  First Warning Bell Rings; Classroom doors open
    8:25  Second Bell Rings-  all students should be in the classroom by now, or they are tardy
    8:30-10:30  Early Morning Work Block
    10:30-10:45   Recess
    10:45-12:20  Late Morning Work Block
    12:20-1:00  Lunch

    1:00-2:00 or 3:00   Afternoon Work Block 

    3:00   Dismissal (Mon./Tues./Collaboration Wednesdays Dismissal at 2:00)  

    Specials (Music, Physical Education, and Library)

          Monday, 8:45-9:30-  Physical Education- Students must wear appropriate clothing and shoes.
          Monday, 9:30-11:00-  Library-  Please return library books by Monday morning, or student can not check out a book.
          Wednesday, 11:15-12:00-  Physical Education- Students must wear appropriate clothing and shoes.
          Friday, 11:15-12:00-  Music
          Computers- at least once a week, where I can squeeze it in
    You can access the District School Calendar for more information such as holiday breaks, professional development dates, collaborations days, etc.  You can also access specific information such as early release dates and dismissal times from the Kolb website. 


    School begins promptly at 8:25 a.m..  Students should go directly to the playground or stand in our class line before school no earlier than 8:10 a.m.  Once the 8:20 a.m. warning bell rings, students should walk to their classroom and wait for me to open the door.  I will close the classroom door at 8:25.  If your child arrives after the door is closed, then they are considered tardy and must report to the office for a late slip.  It is important for your child to be in school, on time, every day.  Much of what goes on in class cannot easily be replicated at home.  It is understandable that illness and emergencies come up, so if your child is sick or has to miss school, I will send home whatever work can be completed at home upon his/her return.  Please send the work back to me when it is complete.  Please try to schedule all your vacations with DUSD's holiday schedule.  Any independent study requests will have to be approved by the principal and must be requested 10 days prior to departure.


    Kolb Folders
    The Kolb folder is my communication tool between home and school.  Students should also use these folders to transport homework. These folders will be sent home everyday and should be returned the following day.

    Homework Policy

    Homework will be sent home on a daily basis.  Students copy the homework into their Minder Binders every day.  They have two homework buddies to call, listed in their Minder Binders, should they have a homework question.  Homework will consist of four main parts: math pages, reading, and reading log.  Per district policy, fourth graders should have no more than 40 minutes of homework per night, Monday-Thursday.  This does not include the suggested 20 minutes of independent reading time.  Activities that are sent home should be at your child’s independent level.  If your child is taking longer than the 40 minutes, please have them stop.  Write a quick note or send a quick email to advise me of his or her struggle. 

    Math Pages – Students will be given a daily math page to reinforce math standards they are learning in class.  Please have your child learn their multiplication and division math facts to 12 by the end of December.  Occasionally I may assign electronic homework practice on ixl.

    ReadingStudents are expected to read for 20 minutes every night, or 100 minutes per week.  Students should record the title of the book they are reading and answer 2 Response to Literature questions per week, to be turned in on Friday.

    Social Studies/Science-  Your child may have some homework from these subject areas.  Sometimes homework might be to research a topic.
    Oral Presentations-  Your child is responsible for preparing four 2-3 minute oral presentation through the year.  Please refer to the master list and/or my website menu for the rotation schedule.
    In addition to the regular homework, students will occasionally bring home unfinished classroom work or work that needs to be corrected. This is my way of notifying you that your child may need some extra help in this area.
    All homework must be done in the child’s handwriting, in pencil.
    Students should return their math homework in their Kolb Folders every day.  Reading logs are due Friday.  Please ensure your child does his/her homework daily.  It is very important that children develop daily homework routines.  Any student who does not complete his or her homework will complete it during recess.  If a child consistently has trouble turning in their homework I will ask parents to check the child's homework and verify and initial the Minder Binder daily.
    Field Trips
    •  Field trips are fun and educational.  For the safety of our student, Dublin Unified has the following field trip policies:
      1. All students must turn in a signed permission slip.
      2. All volunteers must be cleared through the district.  You may turn in paperwork to the office. 
      3. All drivers must have the proper insurance coverage and give a copy of the insurance policy which states coverage to the school in advance.  Clearance for chaperoning and driving must be completed at least one month  in advance.
      4. All students must have their own seatbelt.  Students may not ride in the front seat.

       • A non-cleared parent/guardian cannot show up at a field trip site and plan to join in on the trip.  Any parent/guardian leaving with their child must have cleared this with the teacher in advance.

       • If you are driving/chaperoning for a field trip, you may only go to the destination and back.  There should be no stopping for lunch, snacks, gifts, etc.
      • Please do not purchase anything for the students while on the trip. 

    The fourth grade teachers have planned exciting field trips this year to the Oakland Museum of California, Mission San Jose, and Sacramento.  Please keep in mind that due to restrictions placed upon us by the destinations, each trip is only allowed a limited number of parent chaperones.  If the number of chaperons exceeds the number of spots, I may have to hold a lottery.  In the event that extra chaperone spots become available, interested parents will be notified. 

    Newsletters/Parent Communication

    Monthly newsletters will be sent out (via e-mail) to keep you informed of various reminders and classroom activities.  In an effort to save paper, the majority of my home/school communication will be done via e-mail and my website, so please check both regularly, especially towards the beginning of the month.  If you do not have access to a computer please let me know.  The PFC also sends out a monthly email blast that you must sign up for.  Not everyone signs up for these emails or reads them, so I may forward them to you once in a while as well.

    In addition to monthly newsletters, I will send out a weekly report that highlights your child's behavior and homework issues.  I will also include test scores for major tests and assignments.  Per district policy, teachers are not allowed to send home any tests designed by publishers, or any tests we reuse with future students.  You are welcome to make an appointment to view your child's test any time.  Unless I send out an email alerting you otherwirse, please expect a weekly report from your child.

    Classroom Volunteers
    Parents are welcome to volunteer in the classroom, but please know that you must have an approved clearance form on file in the office.  If you would like to volunteer (or go on a field trip) please obtain a volunteer form in the office and fill it out and return it to me as soon as possible.  Once your form has cleared (this could take a few days), I will contact you and we can schedule an appropriate time for you to come in.  While you may have been cleared in years past it is DUSD policy to require parents to get cleared every year.
    In addition to inviting regular helpers into our classroom, I am looking for a volunteer to sign up to be our Room Parent.  The Room Parent is asked to attend one or two parent meetings coordinated by the Parent Volunteer Committee.  This person will help coordinate our classroom with schoolwide events, mostly through email.  I am also looking for someone who can teach and someone who can assist in teacing 6 Art in Action lessons throughout the year.  Finally, I am also looking forward to someone who would like to teach six Junior Achievenemnt lessons towards the end of the school year.
    If you can not come to help in the classroom, please consider volunteering to correct math timed tests once a week.  I may also occasionally send prep work that you can complete at home.
    Another great way to volunteer is to join the Kolb PFC.  There are many activities throughout the year that require parent help.  We have a strong PFC who works hard to make Kolb a fun, safe school community.

     Progress Reports/Report Cards

    Official progress reports for students who are at risk of not meeting grade level standards are sent out three times throughout the year a few weeks before sending out report cards.  The progress report must be signed and returned, which will assure me that you are aware of you child’s progress.  Report cards will be sent home at the end of each trimester.  Report cards will be sent in an envelope that should be signed and returned.  First trimester report card will be given at parent/teacher conferences in November.  Second trimester report cards will go home in March, and third trimester report cards will be sent home on the last day of school. 


    Parents and teachers make up a team who must work together for the good of the children. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at any time with comments, concerns, and questions that you may have throughout the school year.  Formal conferences will be held the two weeks in November right before the holiday break.  At this time parents will have a chance to meet with me individually to discuss their child's progress.  I will send out a sign up sheet with conference date and time requests in October. 
     Kolb follows four school-wide rules:
      1. We will follow directions with a positive attitude
      2. We will listen when others are speaking
      3. We will keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves  (Personal Space)
      4. We will use good manners and appropriate language

    Students developed and signed a social contract specifying how they want to be treated by each other.  They also developed consequences.

    When a student breaks a rule, they will be asked to answer the four reflections questions:
    1.)  What are you doing? 
    2.)  What are you supposed to be doing?
    3.)  Are you doing it?
    4.)  What are you going to do about it?
    These rules will be enforced in all areas of the campus and are consistent in each classroom from K-5.  The class/school rules are clearly posted on the wall for everyone to see and often revisited in class.  We expect the children to follow the rules.  Positive Behavior is encouraged and frequently rewarded throughout the day.
    Snack Recess

    Please try to send “healthy” snacks such as fruits, vegetables, crackers & cheese, sandwiches, yogurt, bagels, rice cakes, etc. for our 10:30 recess.  Please make sure that your child knows what they should eat at snack time.  This will eliminate full lunches being eaten at snack time.

    Lunch Money

    Lunches may be purchased in advance by sending a check to the office before 10:00 a.m. to be applied to your child's lunch account.  Please place the check in an envelope with your child's name, teacher's name, room number, and amount of money.  There is a box in the front office to drop off these payments.  Please do NOT sned money to school with your child, as it is easily lost and creates longer waiting times in the lunch line.  You many also go online to the district webpage and add money to your child's account.  I recommend putting a small amount of money in your child's lunch account in the event that they happen to forget their lunch.  The lunch menu is always available online on the DUSD homepage.  You may then either view the menu on your computer or print it out.  In an effort to save paper, the school will no longer be sending home printed menus each month.


    Students should be responsible and use the restroomn before school and during their breaks.  No student will be allowed to use the restroom fifteen minutes before or after the bell rings.  Leaving the classroom is disruptive and causes learning minutes to be lost.  If your child has a medical issue, please let me know.  I will always allow students to relieve themselves in an emergency situation.

    Birthdays are special.  Kolb School is following the DUSD birthday policy.  In an effort to avoid severe allergic reactions (we have several students with allergies), we will not allow any food treats.  We will acknowledge all birthdays on the actual day with a paper birthday card and a song.  One option to celebrate your child's special day is to invite  the birthday child to bring non-food items to share, like pencils, stickers, book marks, etc.  Alternatively, they may choose to donate a book, game, or recess equipment to the class in their honor.  We will write their name on the "donation gift."  If your child has a summer birthday we will include them in a June celebration.
    **Students may NOT bring party invitations to pass out in student cubbies unless they are inviting the whole class.  They should be passed out discreetly after school.

    Emergency Forms

    If your child is going to be picked up after school by someone other than yourself (parents/guardian), their name(s) must be on your child’s emergency card.  Please make sure that you check your child’s emergency card in the office should you need to add any additional names of people authorized to pick up your child.

    June Box
    Please remind your child not to bring toys, game cards, etc. to school.  Any such items brought out in class will be collected and put in the “June Box”.  These items will not be returned to your child until June.  While students may need to carry a cell phone for parent communication purposes, phones should never be taken out of their backpacks during school hours.

    I’m looking forward to a great educational experience with you and your child.  If you have any concerns regarding your child, please send a note or e-mail me.  

    E-Mail: freschimichelle@dublinusd.org

    Miscellaneous Notes:  
    1.  Kolb Spirit Wear may be purchased online through Kolb's website.  Students usually wear Spirit Wear (or a dark blue top) on Fridays.
    2.  Please avoid U-turns in front of the school parking lot and please use crosswalks. 
    3.  There is a drop off lunch table next to the office if your child forgets his or her lunch. 
    4.  Please label all lunch boxes, water bottles and articles of loose clothing.
    I look forward to teaching your child.  Here's to a great fourth grade year!


    Mrs. Freschi