There are many ways to communicate with Mrs. O'Reilly and Mrs. Wigand.
    1. Your child's communication folder
    2. Email
    3. Phone
    4. Scheduled Meeting
    5. Talking with your teacher before or after school
    Students transport all school work and homework from home and to school in a plastic homework folder. Homework packets are handed out each Thursday and due the following Thursday. Missing homework? We make a couple extra copies each week and are happy to make another if your child's copy has been misplaced. 
    Focus on Positive Behavior
    It's more important in our classroom to focus on a child's good behavior than poor choices. We reward for good behavior by giving out colored squares (charts), praising students, giving stickers, pats on the back, high fives, and Friday Fun (extra recess on Friday).
    Each student has a chart. Each day students start with a green square signifying a good start of the day. Yellow squares are giving out for following directions and appropriate behavior. Followed by red squares. Students can lose and gain their squares throughout the day depending on their choices. Students' behavior is rewarded each day with a sticker on their G.W.A.B (Good Work And Behavior) chart. If behavior does become a problem, we will work with both the child and the family to come up with a plan to help the child begin to make better choices.