• Curbside library services

    UPDATE on 1/8/21: 

    We will extend the program to all 1st-5th Graders in February. More information to follow about dates.

    UPDATE on 12/18/20: We are now extending the program to all 2nd-5th Graders. More information to follow after the winter break.


    Please be patient with us as we implement this newly created contactless pick up service.  Procedures are subject to change as this program is a pilot and we will learn and adapt the process as needed to create a safe and effective way for your child to check out books from our school. 

    Please come to pick up books only if you have received an email confirmation.


    how the program works

    • Students will be able to check out upto 3 books at a time.
    • Books will be checked out for a 3 week period
    • We will be offering this service once per month. Please check the website to see the updated deadlines for putting books on hold and the pick up dates.
    • Students may return books at any time Monday-Friday between 9.00 am-2:00 pm by dropping them off in the box marked “library books” that is in our drive thru area near the entrance.  
    • Students who have library books/textbooks outstanding from last school year will not be able to check out any more books until their accounts are cleared. Please email Ms. Barna to see how to get your account cleared.
    • Students who miss this "holds" window will need to wait for the next curbside pick up.

     how do i put books on hold

    • Watch this video (password - destiny) for instructions on how to log into your account, search and put books on hold.
    • Go to Online Catalog
    • Click on the “login” option on the top right hand side of the page (in the blue task bar)
    • Your user name is your student ID number, your password is ges.  
    • Students can put up to 4 books on hold but they will only receive 3 books per check out cycle. (We recommend putting 4 books on hold so that we have options in case some of your choices are unavailable and you can get the remaining 3 hopefully in the next cycle).
    • After I fulfill your 3 book requests, I will clear out the remaining books from your holds queue (Please note:  if you request a book that is not currently available and you want to be put on the waiting list, (eg:  a popular title such as Harry Potter) I will not delete that out of your hold queue.  You will remain in "line" for that book and it will be distributed to you when it becomes available.  This will be at my discretion. 
    • The "hold" function will be turned off after the holds window closes each month.  If you are unable to put books on hold, this is probably the reason why.
    • Students will need to put in a new hold request each month they want to participate.  Please see the list of dates on on the right hand side of the website.
    • Please check in with your teacher about book choices. It is your responsibility to choose the right reading level book and to follow your teacher’s instructions (e.g. 1 fiction/1 non-fiction/1 free choice?)
    • Ms. Barna reserves the right to limit popular book series such as Big Nate, The Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Wings of fire, Dog Man, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson etc. 
    • You will receive an email notification when your books are ready for pickup.  Please pick up the books during the time frame listed in your email notification.  Please don't come if you have not received any email. Books not picked up on the pick up date will be returned to the library.  

    Safety protocols

    All books that are returned will be quarantined for 96 hours before being checked in and put back into circulation. So, even if the book is returned, it will stay under the student's name till I check the books in after 4 days.

    Contactless pickup- you will receive an email notification when your books are available for pickup. All library books need to be picked up on the assigned date - no exceptions.  Please have your student’s names, grade, and teacher’s name on your dashboard in big capital letters and staff members will bring the book/s to your car.

    Rain-In the event of rain, parents will need to park in the Green parking lot and walk up to the lobby doors to obtain their child’s books-while maintaining social distance and wearing masks.  Please depart campus upon receiving your child’s library books.

    Other important information

    Books that are not picked up the date of pick up will be put back into circulation.

    Books must be returned on time by the due date. There will be bins placed outside school doors (or inside the lobby if it is raining) for dropoffs.

    You will not get new books at the next cycle until all overdue books have been returned. 

    Please review the Book Care Instructions with your child. It is important that books be kept in good condition for all students to enjoy for many years to come. Thank you  for your support.


    Email Ms. Barna at desubarnarekha@dublinusd.org

  • curbside pick up  

    Important Dates for the CURBSIDE LIBRARY SERVICES
    For BOTH 4th and 5th Graders
    Books Due:
    January 4th-January 5th
    Window to return books. Please drop off books in the boxes/bins right out side the front doors. If it is raining the boxes/bins will be inside the lobby. 
    All books are due at this time to receive books for next round of pick up.
    For 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades
    Hold Requests Due By:
    January 6th-January 7th
    Please put books on hold by 1/7 midnight
    For 2nd Graders
    Hold Requests Due By:
    January 8th-January 10th
    Please put books on hold by 1/10 midnight.
    Pick up Date for 2nd-5th Grades:
    January 14th
    Please pick up books Curbside between 11.30 am-1pm.
    If you have a material pickup time-you may pick up your books at that time.
    Books Due for 2nd-5th Grades:
    February 2nd-February 3rd
    Window to return books. Please drop off books in the boxes/bins right out side the front doors. If it is raining the boxes/bins will be inside the lobby. All books are due at this time to receive books for next round of pick up.