• School Vision

    Dougherty Elementary School provides a safe, positive learning environment that develops self-motivated, independent, and enthusiastic learners who strive toward academic excellence, social responsibility, and personal growth. The goal of the faculty, staff, and parents is to provide a program designed to meet the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of each of our students.
     Mission Statements
    At Dougherty Elementary, we believe an exemplary and equitable educational program is the collaborative result of students, staff, parents and community working together to develop ethical citizens and life long learners.  We move forward with this focus by:

    1. All students are provided with and acquire the knowledge needed to meet state standards and the opportunity to thrive. Students are guided through a well-planned comprehensive core curriculum.

    2. All students are routinely assessed formally and informally to check for understanding and proficiency on state standards. Students are expected to model, synthesize, and apply information into concrete or project-based learning. 

    3. All students in need of academic support are provided modifications as well as intervention services such as pull-out programs, on-line resources, and after school programs.

    4. All students demonstrating mastery in core curriculum areas are provided with greater depth and complexity.

    5. We are implementing strategies that foster a safe environment in which staff and students respect the uniqueness of individuals and their differences