• Mission For The Class

         My teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief
    that each child has his or her own set of unique
    talents, as well as a preferred learning style. As a
    result, I run my classroom according to the needs
    of this particular group of students. Lessons and
    assignments are designed to engage a variety of learning
    styles and ability levels. In other words, we are not a
    "one size fits all" classroom. I have learned that without
    enagagement, there is very rarely any learning. To that end,
    my lessons are delivered in such a way that the material is
    made meaningful to this unique group of students.

    Students in C-4 will be challenged to go beyond
    the minimum expectations. Those who have already
    met grade-level standards will have the opportunity to
    explore concepts in greater depth. Our emphasis will be
    on the learning process rather than specific, finished products
    (worksheets, etc.)

    Third grade is a transitional year. One of our major goals
    is to foster a greater independence and level of critical thinking
    that will prepare these third graders for the leap to fourth grade,
    where they will have even more rigorous academic standards
    and a larger workload. In preparation for that, students will
    develop self-confidence, as well as those independent work habits
    that will
    bring them continued success in school.