• Class Expectations and Accountability


    Class Expectations:

    1) Be Respectful

    2) Be Responsible

    3) Solve Problems Effectively


    The first few days of school we will be creating a class oath that will reflect the expectations listed above. This oath will be the cornerstone of our classroom community along side the Positive Action Themes that are school wide character traits and expectations.


    Behavior Accountability:

    Students will be held accountable for their actions and will be moving towards self-management of their behavior. Students will be given a verbal "1, 2, or 3-refocus" if needed.
    1. I was just in need of a reminder of how we maintain our classroom learning environment.
    2. I need time to reflect on my behavior decisions in order to get back on task. Write and record. (Students will be given an index card to put their name, date, and describe in writing their behavior choices and what options they could choose in the future.)
    3. I need help maintaining self-control and my positive attitude. Leave class to complete a refocus form and get signed off by another teacher.