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    The transition years of middle school and early adolescence are a time of tremendous physical and emotional change. Students experience a need to find their own identity and may explore a variety of interests while striving to connect their learning in the classroom to its practical application in life and work. They may experience high levels of activity coupled with frequent fatigue due to rapid growth; conflicting and shifting emotions; extreme sensitivity to comments from others; along with a heavy reliance on friends to provide comfort, understanding and approval.


    The Wells Middle School counseling department strives to promote academic achievement while attending to the social and emotional needs of our students.  We offer a comprehensive counseling and guidance program that includes:

    • Academic advising (organization, time management, prioritizing, scheduling, advocating, test taking skills, etc.)
    • Group and individual counseling (social, personal and academic)
    • Conflict mediation
    • Workshops: Study Skills, Social Skills 
    • Antibullying
    • Mindfulness
    • Solution focused and responsibility counseling
    • Career and college exploration
    • At-risk counseling for students who have a 1.75 GPA and below
    • Referrals to outside support services
    • Collaboration with community resources, Parent education/parent support
    • Consults with faculty, staff, administration and district office
    • Mandated reporters

    The Wells Counselors are an integral part of a team including parents, teachers, school psychologists and administrators. This team is here to provide guidance and counseling to all students in the area of personal/academic, decision making and interpersonal skills. The activities are based upon the recognition of the dignity and worth of all students. 



    What about confidentiality?

    All information you or your child tells the counselor remains confidential with the counselor unless there may be harm to your child or others.


    How do I make an appointment to meet with my student’s counselor?

    Counselors are happy to speak with parents either over the phone or in person.

    Please feel free to call or e-mail your child's counselor to schedule a day and time.
    Where is the counseling center located? 
    Building B, 2nd Floor
    Office 221
    *Must check in the front office first