Need to get a hold of me?


    Welcome to 8th grade English!

    I prefer to try to work out issues directly with my students, as it is a skill
    they will need in high school. Please encourage your child to some and speak
    directly with me is they are having a problem in class or need to dispute a
    grade or would like to make a change in an assignment.

    There are always times when students are too shy or nervous about an issue to
    come directly to me. Please feel free to send me an email with a heads-up and
    I will approach the student on my end if needed or make the appropriate
    modifications when needed on my end.

    If you still need to get a hold of me regarding your child, please see below
    for my email and phone number. When you contact me please let me know if you would
    like a phone meeting, a face to face meeting, or just an email exchange. If
    your message is a heads-up, please let me know if you would like a response back,
    otherwise I will just take care of it.
    Office Hours:            
    I am available starting the first day of school by appointment and love to chat, so feel free.
    The best way to get a quick answer to questions is to email me at my school address. 
    If you need to meet with me in person, and it is something quick, you can often catch me in 
    the halls going from one thing to another, at these times I am happy to have a chat if you are
    OK with walking. Otherwise, please stick to the following appointment times:

    Student Office Hours:
    Monday through Thursday: lunch (please get a pass from me ahead of time) and before school- 7:30-8:30am

    Parent Office Hours: By Appointment
    Tuesday through Thursday: 3:15-4pm by appointment


    A reminder that I am often off campus in the afternoon.
    the easiest way to reach me is via email:
    You can call also me at 925-828-6227 x6094 and I will get back to you at my first            
    available opportunity. Please be aware that I cannot check this school voicemail from offsite,
    so if you are leaving a late afternoon or evening message, I will not get it until the next day. 

    Also, please ALWAYS identify who your child is when you email or call.            
    Have a great one!            
    Mrs. A