• Come to school prepared!

    Supplies needed by students:
    So, students have access to most supplies in my room, BUT seriously, they need to come with something to write with (pen, pencil, I don't care, colors... nope, don't care. Just be sure what you write is LEGIBLE). And paper. Yeah, I know, seems obvious and yet...
    So, to conclude: PLEASE make sure your student has PAPER (college rule if you can manage it) and SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE LEGIBLE MARKS ON THE PAPER. That would be awesome.
    On another note, if you want more choice in your life, you should go and buy the following things for yourself:
    1-subject wired or wireless notebook 50-80 pages
                8 1/2x11" is BEST and makes students the least frustrated, but 8x10 1/2"       
                also works. You can choose any color, but please go for college rule.
    Highlighters (several festive colors) 
                A word often used to describe mine is "horrendous", but yeah, you can
                use them if you want to.
    White Out - Non-Toxic please
                Mine gets stolen regularly. By teachers. Sorry in advance. 
    Post It Notes
                You probably want bright green or blue or pink or something, or things
                 like interesting sizes. I have "institutional yellow" in the size of square.    
                 It's NO FUN AT ALL. If you had your own you could run around waving
                 them at the rest of us. That would be amazing.
                Any color, ball point, felt tip. Go wild. 
                Pointy ones work best. 
                Because we all make mistakes. 
    Paper - college rule
                Just, yes.

    Students also find the following useful (mine are very used...)
    Small scissors
    Glue sticks
    Extra fine tip colored sharpies
    Colored markers
    Colored pencils

    If you would like to donate to the class, I currently need:
    Scissors (Adult sized)
    Colored sharpies (extra fine tip)
    Colored markers
    Colored pencils
    glue sticks (the good ones)
    Supplies for home:
    Adult dictionary
    Synonym finder
    Antonym finder
    OR... an electronic device that has these things as apps. Seriously... Don't always rely on Dictionary.com - you need to also know how to look stuff up... somewhere. 

    Students are required to use technology in school and at home. Valuable applications for your home computer are:
    Microsoft Power Point
    Microsoft Word
    Same if you have Apple- just use the Mac versions.
    Yes, Prezi is OK.
    Yes, I skipped a whole bunch of stuff.
    Yes, you can use that stuff too.
    And most importantly, from you:
    Your time, Middle School is tough, please talk to your child about their day at school every day.