•  Principal Robert Slauson

     Robert Slauson, Principal

    Welcome to Valley High School—Home of the Dragons!

    We know that this is an unusual year and that we are in unusual times.  However, our faculty and staff are working hard to prepare ourselves for whatever is necessary to support our students!  We all have to be somewhat patient as we are using learning systems that may be new to us and new to the students.  However, if we work together we can accomplish our goal of helping students to prepare for the future and to graduate from high school.


    The rigor and expectations will be much higher this fall!  We are expecting our students to attend every day, to work closely with teachers to learn the materials, submit the materials in a timely fashion, and to participate regularly in classes.  We are keeping score so that we can offer grades, credits, and supportive feedback to help our students learn and grow.


    We have an extremely dedicated and caring staff at Valley!  I am amazed at the ability of this small group to teach so many important and exciting classes.  We placed an emphasis on ensuring interesting and exciting electives to go right alongside our rigorous academic courses.  Our students will have a rich experience and a lot of great courses to jump into!


    I am new to Valley and I have not been this excited to take on a new challenge in a long time.  While I spent the last two years at Wells Middle School in Dublin, the bulk of my teaching and administrative work was done at the high school level.  I taught nine years at a high school in Oregon.  In addition, I have been an assistant principal for five years and a high school principal for ten years.  You can see that I am well prepared for the challenges of leading Valley.


    My experience is not the only reason I came to Valley.  I cherish the opportunity to work with such important students and staff members who share my passion for success!  We will work tirelessly to forge a bright future for each of our students and prepare them for an uncertain and challenging future.  Together, we can make a difference in our school, in our community, in our state, and in our country!  The time has come for us to reach out and create communities who will nurture and support one another; who will work to find similarities rather than difference; who will stand up and be counted as the future belongs to our students!


    I cannot wait to meet you all!





    Rob Slauson, Principal