Please accompany your child to the door by 8:35.  IF the door is open before that time you are welcome to come in early. If it is closed that means I am busy. The students will take care of their belongings. They are learning responsibility by doing it themselves.  
    Parents are to wait outside the gate in the fire lane until the  children are brought  to them at 12:26. We will be dismissing by classrooms. Focus groups start at 12:45 therefore any students still waiting will be brought to the office. 
    The classroom runs on Class Dojo, a point based program, --please sign up to get all notifications about behavior. Every 25 points they choose a prize from the treasure chest. When they reach 100 the points get reset. Consequences for misbehavior include time outs, writing letters/ sentences about a better choice, a phone call or e-mail home, and loss of points on Class Dojo.
    District policy states that homework is 10 minutes of reading plus 10 minutes of worksheet/website practice. Your child will receive a homework folder and a homework journal.  In the journal are pasted some handy reference sheets. At the beginning of the month they will recieve a calendar with daily activities listed.  Days with a "J" involve writing or drawing and will be done in the journal.  Journals will be collected at the end of the month to be checked by the teacher.
    In addition there is a book-a-day program which involves class books going home and being exchanged daily.
    Sharing is also part of homework.  A sharing schedule is attached inside of their purple homework folder.  Each student shares once a month on the topics given--instructions are on the sheet.
    Really great ways to help your child grow is to supply puzzles, play games such as "memory" and "go fish", provide building materials such as legos/blocks, crafts, drawing paper and coloring books.
    Focus Groups
    They will start the week of September 10th.  They run from 12:26-1:30 (includes a 15 minute recess).  Groups are needs based (determined by common formative assessments) and are fluid; meaning a student might be in one for  only two weeks.  Students also might receive instruction from other teachers in the Kindergarten wing.  Teachers will notify you at least a week in advance.  
     Healthy Habits
     Getting enough sleep and eating healthy are extremely important for the rigors of learning to read, write and persevere through problems.  
     Please label all jackets/ sweatshirts, lunch boxes,water bottles and backpacks with your child's name in Sharpie.  This helps me do my best to sort their belongings when they get left  behind.
    We do celebrate birthdays with a hand-made crown and a song.  If you'd like to bring treats please avoid nuts. 
    Volunteers make the classroom a happier, safer and more efficient place for learning.  Please fill out the necessary form along with a copy of your driver's license to the office.  Everyone that comes on school grounds or goes on field trips must be cleared. I gladly accept all volunteers so if you can just drop in for 20 minutes we'll put you to work with the kiddos reading one on one.
    Field Trips
    We rely heavily on parent volunteers to drive on our field trips.  The proper insurance and volunteer clearances must be met in order to drive other students.  It is helpful to wear Murray shirts ,or purple if you don't have one, so we all can tell we're together.
    We are always grateful for donations! I will put post-its on my door for things that we need.  If at anytime you have too many grapes, cuties, apples, carrots,  cheerios, or pretzels the kids gobble those up!