Critter Bags   
    Each critter has its own bag, journal and story book.  Your child gets to keep the critter all weekend long and bring him back on Monday.  Please make sure that your child draws a picture of something they did with the critter.  Help them write a sentence that goes with the picture. 
             Babar   Cat in the Hat      Curious George          Pete the Cat
                        Babar                  Cat in the Hat                  Curious George                  Pete the Cat
    Science Wizard                   
    If you get the science wizard bag,science wizard your child gets to choose an experiment from one of the books to present in class.  You have all week to decide but the bag and the experiment must be in class by the following Friday for the next science wizard.

    science wizard                         

    Estimation Jar       est.jar
    Please fill the jar as much as you can with objects for us to count.  Absolutely no nuts!  We will do the counting in class.  We learn how to estimate and measure and share by using this jar. Some fun ideas are acorns, rocks, stickers, animal crackers, bouncy balls, etc.  The Dollar Tree and the great outdoors offer lots of possibilities.