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    My name is Bidjan Aminian.  I have my Master's in Education, my Single Subject Teaching Credential in English, and my B.A. in English. All my training and education comes from UC Santa Barbara. I believe that what we think is our best work is only a tiny glimpse at our full potential.  I believe in order to make our students stronger and competitive outside of academics, we must teach them how to think deeply on their own, making a statement they can truly stand behind and argue for using concrete facts.  This is called being credible and I firmly believe that credibility is essential in leadership. I hope to prepare my students for the future, no matter that may be. This website is mainly to supplement the courses that I teach. You can find my policies within the syllabus available by the links at left.  If what you seek is unavailable, you can always email me and I will be happy to send it to you as an email attachment.



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