Aargh you ready for Kindergarten?
    It is exciting to have your kindergartner in my class!  In order to make this a successful kindergarten year, it is vital that there be good communication between home and school, teacher and family.  There are so many things for us all to learn.  I want to start out with some of the most important items here to kick off our terrific year!
    General Schedule

    8:35 Morning Warm Up

    8:50  Morning Meeting  (Treasured Moments)


    9:00 Language Arts

    10:00 Writer's Workshop

           10:45  Healthy Snack Recess
         11:15  Math & Literacy Centers

     11:45  Science, Social Studies, Art

    12:15  Clean-up and Daily Gems (Learning of the day reflections)

    12:26  Dismissal

    12:26-1:26 Tuesday, Wednesday, OR Thursday-Focus Groups     

    The focus group schedule will be announced once I have had a chance to assess all of my students.  I will send a letter with your child's day in their homework folders or via a notification e-mail.  Although the start time will remain 8:35 for every student ALL year; your child will be scheduled to stay until 1:26 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, OR Thursdays.  The focus groups will be fluid; your child’s “late day” may change.  We will try to limit schedule changes as best we can.


    Please help your kindergartner arrive to school each day on time.  Your child will be considered tardy if he or she arrives after we enter the classroom at the beginning of the day.  Too many absences and tardies interfere with consistent learning.  Being at school every day, on time, helps to teach responsibility and the importance of school.  There is no supervision on the Kindergarten playground, so please stay with your child until the classroom door is opened each morning.  Please remind your children to follow all playground rules before school.  In addition, there is no one watching the students once they are dismissed at 12:26 (or 1:26), so please be sure to pick up your child promptly.  
    The playground is on a closed campus, please be mindful there are focus groups and a Developmental Kindergarten class in session when your child gets out for the day.
    If your child is sick, please call the school line (925) 551-4000 and press #2 to leave a message regarding your child's absence. Your child must be fever free (without medication) for 24 hours before returning back to school.  If your child is vomiting or has diarrhea, they must be clear of those symptoms as well for a 24 hour period before returning to school.   


    Classroom Rules and Expectations
    The class/school rules are clearly posted on the wall for everyone to see and often revisited in class. We expect the children to follow the rules or choose the consequences.

                       Rule 1- Show Respect

                       Rule 2-Make good choices

                       Rule 3- Solve problems  

                       Rule 4 - Be kind to one and all



    Positive Behavior is encouraged and frequently rewarded throughout the day.  For example, your child might get to go to recess first or get a sticker if they are modeling great behavior.

     Behavior chart


    Your child will clip up the behavior chart if they are making good choices or down if they are making bad choices.  If he/she ends below the "ready to learn" line, there will be a consequence based on the behavior.  For example, if your child had a particularly hard day sitting quietly and listening; he/she may sit out at recess time for a few minutes.  If a pattern of negative behavior is happening, I will send a note, email, or phone home.

    Blue = Raise the Jolly Roger! (Awesome Day!)

    Pink = Ahoy me hearties! (Great Day!)

    Green = Ready to learn! (Good Day!) *Each child starts off each day on green.

    Orange = Ye be warned! (Warning!)

    Yellow = Shiver me timbers! (Time out at recess or appropriate consequence to the bad choice)

    Red = Davy Jones’ Locker (Parent & Principal Contact)


    Breakfast and Snacks

    A healthy breakfast is important to do well in school.  School snacks are also important as the children get very hungry during our busy morning.  Please send your child a nutritious snack every day, keeping sweets to a minimum.  Make sure the snack is just enough for your child to eat in about 10 minutes.  The children will have 30 minutes to eat and play.


    Please avoid snacks with nuts or nut products in them (i.e. peanut butter, Nutella, granola bars with nuts in them, etc.) as there are several children in our class with severe nut allergies.  It is important to remind your child not to share their snacks with other children due to another child having a possible severe allergic reaction. 


    California is one of 45 states to adopt Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Having the same standards helps all students get a good education, even if they change schools or move to a different state. Teachers, parents, and education experts designed the standards to prepare students for success in college and the workplace. To watch a great 3 minute video that explains how the Common Core State Standards will help students achieve at high levels and help them learn what they need to know to get to graduation and beyond, visit the California Department of Education's website at http://www.cde.ca.gov/re/cc/tl/whatareccss.asp .

    Homework will be assigned weekly.  My goal is to teach the responsibility of completing work and returning it on time, as well as establishing a healthy homework routine.  Your child should spend about 10 minutes per night, four nights per week on homework.  The assignments will be simple practice for what we learn in class.  Homework will be attached to my weekly newsletter. 
    Please return homework weekly, on Fridays, in the given Homework Folder.  If there is no school on Friday, please turn in homework on Thursday. Homework will be graded on the report card, so missed assignments must be made up.  Some materials I recommend for homework success are pencils (no pen please), crayons, glue, scissors, and a quiet place to work. Additionally, please read with your child for at least 10 minutes each night. 


    Report Cards 
    Report cards are sent home three times a year.  You will receive the first one at parent-teacher conferences in November. 
    Classroom Volunteers (All Hands on Deck!)
    I welcome and encourage you to come in regularly to help in the classroom.  I can have you working with children or have other jobs as well if you prefer. You need to be cleared as a volunteer before working in the classroom. Please fill out the volunteer clearance form and turn it in to me or the office along with a photocopy of your CA Driver’s License. I have plenty of things that can be done from home as well.  If you would like to volunteer in or out of the classroom, please look out for a future e-mail asking about volunteer interest.  

    Another great way to volunteer is to join the Kolb PFC.   There are many activities throughout the year that require help. We have a strong PFC who works hard to make Kolb a fun, safe, school community.  They will continue to collect donations for their “Show Up For Education” campaign to help fund programs which have been negatively affected by budget cuts.


    “VIP” Very Important Person

    Each week a different student will be randomly selected to be the “VIP”, Very Important Person.  Every student will have a turn.  The student’s All About Me Poster will be displayed in the classroom.  Your child may bring in their favorite book to share in class.  Also, during their week, the VIP may bring in an item to share.   There will be specific directions coming home in a box the Friday before your child’s week. 

    Kindergarten Grade Level Birthday Policy

    Birthdays are special, but we have come to realize that they can be very distracting for Kindergartners.  Here is our grade level policy on birthdays.  On your child's birthday, they will receive a crown, get serenaded in our own special way, and maybe even get a special birthday job or two.  Please keep in mind that your child will still be celebrated, however due to many severe allergies throughout Kindergarten, we do not allow any birthday cupcakes, cookies, extra treats or goodie bags.    
    Students may NOT bring party invitations to pass out in class, unless the whole class is being invited.

     Friday Spirit Days

    All students are encouraged to show their school spirit by wearing their navy Kolb shirts/sweatshirts or navy blue every Friday. There are occasional Fridays that are themed spirit days such as pajama day, crazy hair day, etc. that will be announced in our weekly newsletter. 

    Independent Study
     All independent study requests must be initiated in the office.  Parents must complete a written Independent Study Request at least 10 school days before the date of departure. There are no exceptions to this policy.  Independent Study must be approved by administration. * Independent Study will only be approved once per school year.  
     Emergency Forms
    If your child is going to be picked up after school by someone other than yourself (parents/guardian), their name(s) must be on your child’s emergency card.   Please make sure that you check your child’s emergency card in the office should you need to add any additional names of people authorized to pick up your child.

    Book Orders

    Book orders will be sent home about once a month or you can order any time online with our special class code.  Visit  https://clubs2.scholastic.com/ and type in our class code, HX9MP, to start shopping.  Happy Reading!   


    Every child needs to bring a backpack every day.  It should be large enough to hold a 9x14 inch folder.  Papers and projects are sent home often and need a place to be carried easily by your child. 


    Please label all jackets, backpacks, and belongings with your child’s name.  There are many items left at school that look alike so it is difficult for the children to recognize their own items. 


    Any money sent to school should be in an envelope with your child’s name and room number on it (K-5). 

    I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child, and helping him or her to have a successful and productive year in Kindergarten! 

    If you have any questions or concerns during the year please contact me at school.   I check my e-mail daily.  You can also send a note or call me.  I can better meet the needs of your child if we work together to solve any problem or situation that arises. 

    Colleen Henry


    (925)551-4000 ext. 6814