• Welcome to Grade 3 

    Ms. Irene Fong

    Name:  Irene Fong  :)

    Grade Level:  3

    Room:  22

    Subjects:  Multiple

    Extension: 925-803-4444 ext. 5867

    Email:  fongirene@dublinusd.org
     Separate we are "unique."
                                           Together we are "perfect!"
    Welcome to third grade!
     2020-2021 marks the beginning of my 43rd year of my teaching career.  Like my first year, I'm still very excited to meet my new students and all of you.  Together, we'll face the challenges and celebrate the successes of our children.  My classroom door is always open to your constructive suggestions and comments.  Let's work together to make this year a success for our children.
    Ms. Fong  :)
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    Anouncements/ Reminds
    -Next Material pick up/Assignment drop off : 
    Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020
    11:30 a.m.  to  2:00 p.m.
       the quad area in front of office.
     AR Records to Beat
     Rm 22 Total AR word count (set 2019-2020)
    Rm 22 Individual Total AR word count, (set 2018-2019)
    10,955,898 (Veda Raman)
    10,803,917  (Brian Zhang)
    Rm. 22 Class Total AR word count, 2020-2021
    August         2,163, 392 words
    Sept.           7,312,259 words
                                        Oct.           15, 053,782  words
                                        Nov.           19, 781,189 
                                        Dec.           25. 181,878  
    Rm. 22 Individual Total AR word count, 2019-2020
              Highest word count Winner for the month:
                                    Aug.          Allison Law              305,842 words 
                                   Sept.         Allison Law              1,002,675
                                   Oct.          Gita Singaraju         1,823,458
                                   Nov.          Gita Singaraju         2, 641,625
                                   Dec.          Allison Law              3,536,391
                        100,000 word club:     Medha, Isaac,  Levi, Avien
                       200,000 word club:      Sahishnu, Darsh, Tanmay
                       300,000 word club:      
                       400,000 word club:      Nirindu
                       500,000 word club:      Ishita, Dylan, Ariana
                       600,000 word club:      Luna
                       700,000 word club:     Jason, Tanvi
                       900,000 word club:     
                    1,000,000 word club:      Aarav
                    1,500,000 word club:     Aditi, Bhavagnya
                    2,000,000 word club:     Priyanshi
                    2, 500,000 word club:    Gautham, Aarna
                    3,000, 000 word club:   Gita
                    3, 500,000 word club:   Allison
    Art Lessons
     Classroom Accountabilities 
     Be Kind
    Be Safe
    Be An Independent Learner
    PE, Music, & Library Schedule
             Music       Tues. 10:30 - 11:00 a.m.
                                      PE            Thurs. 10:30 - 11:00 a.m.
                                      PE Zoom Code
    Room 22 Volunteers 
    Room Parents:   Nirindu's mom Nivanthie Marambe
    Non-food celebration is encouraged.  Parents can donate a book, read to the class, have a 20 minute craft time, etc.
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    Back to School Night Video 20-21
     Smarter Balance Test Dates

    Practice Test


    Parent Fact Sheet



    Parent Information (including links to practice tests)


    Parent Letter from Mr. Nelson


    is a great reading comprehension website.  It models after the AR tests.  This will be a good check to see if your child is ready to take the AR test on the book they are reading.  After you register, click kids zone, click quizomatic, type in book title, take the test, print and turn in the test to me.(These tests will not replace the AR tests)
    Multiplication timed tests
    is a great site for math timed tests
    They also have math games.
     Special Reminders
    Please read the "Monday Memo" below for more reminders 
     Open House
    Weekly slides
    Week 1 Slides
    April 13-17 Lesson SLIDES