• Purpose of Homework:


    ·         Serves as an extension to classroom learning.

    ·         Provides students with relevant, challenging, and meaningful practice of academic standards.


    Appropriate Parent/ Guardian Involvement:


    • To obtain information about their child’s progress, parents/ guardians are encouraged to email, WhatsApp or call the teacher.


    • Parents/ Guardians may support their children by helping them:
      • Establish a homework routine.  Set aside a specific time and place for your child to do homework every day.
      • Check in with your child daily about current and upcoming homework assignments and due dates.
      • Empower your child to participate in setting up a homework routine.  Giving your child this responsibility allows him/her to take an active role in their own education.  Third grade is a crucial time for students to become more independent in their learning.
      • If your child needs clarification on a portion of their homework, encourage your child to come directly to the teacher at school the next day.


    Homework Expectations:


    • Students are expected to spend 30-45 minutes per day on homework.  They also need to read at least 20 minutes per night.
    • Daily Third Grade Homework will consist of: math and reading.
    • Students are equal partners in learning with their teachers.
    • Students who do not complete homework will be expected to complete the missing homework and return it the next school day.  The process will be documented as follows.
      • No Homework, First Time:  Students will be given a verbal warning.
      • No Homework, Second Time:  Students will complete a reflection form, requiring a parent signature.
      • No Homework, Third Time:  Students will complete a reflection form, requiring a parent signature.  Parents will be called to create an action plan.
    • Students who are not regularly completing homework will require a parent conference with the teacher. 
    • If your child need more time to complete their homework, please send me a note.


    Third Grade Homework Rubric


                3  Good Quality It is neat, has few mistakes and shows good understanding of the task.

         2  Average Quality: It is fairly neat but has too many mistakes. It shows some understanding of the task.

       1  Poor Quality: It is not neat, it is incomplete, and/or has too many errors. It shows little understanding of the task.