• Accelerated Reader Program

    AKA: AR Reading

    Hello Families,


    Each student took an “AR Star Reading” assessment on the computer Wednesday. Attached you will find a report of your child’s assessment.  You will see their “IRL” which refers to their Independent Reading Level according to the assessment. You will also see a suggested reading level range. This is the range I would suggest your child read in their own reading. The books in my classroom library are leveled as well as the books in our school library. Each time your child reads a book at home or at school they will take an “AR Quiz” on the book. (Eight correct out of ten is passing.) Students can take a test throughout the day on our classroom computers.  (Unfortunately, they can’t take them at home.) I will send home each quiz in their Friday folders so you can see their progress.


    I encourage your child to try to read a book a week and take a test. I realize some books may take longer. Students will need to take a test each week or catch up with their reading at Study Hall on Fridays. I won’t begin this yet. At this time I will simply keep track of their reading and encourage the kids to read, read, read at their level. Soon I will begin some sort of incentive program that will keep them on track.


    We go to our school library every Tuesday. Students can check out two books. One book must be within their AR reading range. The other is a free-choice book.


    The AR Star Test established a reading level based on their reading assessment. If you feel it is not accurate, I will allow students to take it again. Just let me know. We will retake the Star Test every month or two to reestablish their current level.


    If you have any questions I would be happy to explain it further. Just let me know. Also, if you Google Accelerated Reading you will find much more about the program…Happy Reading!