• Back to School Night

    James Dougherty Elementary School

    Fourth Grade, Room 15

    John Price

    Welcome to Back to School Night.  I am very excited for the upcoming year.  My goals for the year are to help each student become independent learners, critical thinkers and excited seekers of knowledge.


    Our Work Together:

    Since we will be working together to ensure the success of your child, we will need to communicate. I am available at pricejohn@dublinusd.org  or phone ext. 5834.  After school I am often in collaborative grade level meetings but am available for a quick chat.   Please be on the lookout for information informing families about upcoming projects, field trips, curriculum, activities, student work, and school wide bulletins.




    Students are not allowed on campus until 8:10 unless accompanied by a parent. Students are to be on the playground until the first bell rings at 8:20.

    1. Music class – Monday at 8:30
    2. Physical Education – Friday at 8:30
      1. Please make sure your child dresses appropriately for their P.E. day.
      2. PE and Dashin' Dolphins information, check Mrs. Pettit's teacher page on JDS website
      3. The website for the P.E. teacher is http://dublinusd.org/Page/355
    3. Library- Thursday 11:00
    4. Band - Permanent times not posted yet.



    There will be some assignments that are weekly which means they are given on Mondays and will be collected on Fridays.  There will also be some homework that is given daily and due back the following day. We correct the Math homework the next day in class. Homework is intended to reinforce academic skills presented in class.  It also functions as a way for students to complete unfinished work, prepare for and research projects/reports, and gain skills in organization and responsibility. There will be no homework assigned on Fridays unless it is make-up work.  Students can use their Student Planners or other type of notebook to record their homework. The district policy states that fourth grade homework should not exceed one hour excluding the 30 minutes of reading.

    The following bolded homework assignments are the usual homework. The other items listed may be assignments they do not finish in class and need to finish at home.

    1. Read 30 minutes an evening and write 1/2 a page in their composition book on one of the items from their list.
    2. Spelling/Grammar- Study for weekly tests
    3. Writing- Multiple paragraph essays focusing on a specific genre of writing.
    4. Math Worksheets, Monthly book reports, Research reports


    Classroom Management

    Maintaining a positive relationship with the students helps me facilitate a preventative management style.  In class we focus on what behavior will happen in the future and how we can benefit from it as a class.  I also incorporate the school’s rules, which are posted above our doorway. Once a week we have a classroom meeting where we discuss problems/issues that the students may encounter throughout their school day or outside of school. I will call or email you if there are ongoing concerns.



    School Parties/Birthdays/Holidays  

    The class plans their own parties with guidance from me. For student safety, please bring store bought foods only that contain the ingredient label.  There are many students who have severe allergic reactions to all types of food.

    Please do not bring HOMEMADE food.  We need to read all ingredients to make sure there is no cross contamination.

    For the safety of all please check with me before sending in food.




    The Fourth and Fifth grade use letter grades for the report cards. The percentage for the letter grades are your standard 100-90% = A, 89-80% = B, etc. Progress Reports are sent out halfway through the trimesters. 


    To ensure that assessments implemented across the district provide accurate information regarding student mastery of content, district benchmark assessments and publisher assessments cannot be sent home to parents.  This includes all tests/quizzes that are copied directly from publisher materials. I send home scores with the students. If you would like to see an assessment, please contact me and we can arrange a time.

    Retakes for math will be allowed if the student's score is below 70%. Students will be notified of their grade and when the retake will take place. After a retake is given the highest grade the student can receive is a "B".



    We use a number of online programs. Please let me know if you have limited internet access or family internet policies which may conflict with assignments. I follow technology practices and curriculum from Common Sense Media. Students learn more about the ethical use of technology and how it applies to their lives. Due to the number of programs the students use, please try to help them keep track of their usernames and passwords at home.