• Hello Garden Families,

    Thank you for volunteering to adopt the garden this summer.  The lock box which contains the water key and key to the shed is located on the back of the portable classroom to the right of the water spigot. All of the tools have been placed in the greenhouse.  I'll send out emails to families as changes occur.
    Thank you for all of your help.
    Mr. Price
    What are our responsibilities?
    Water, weeding, harvesting, insect control, picking up trash, general maintenance, and watching for vandalism are your duties for the summer.



    How often do we water?

    Try to space out the days so as not leave a large gap of days between you and the next family. I think every couple days would be ideal. I usually check the garden every two days and water accordingly. I take a handful of soil and squeeze it in my hand. If it sticks together it is perfect. If it falls apart or water drips from it, then there is too little or too much water. I go early in the morning or late in the evening. Some of the watering can be done by the drip irrigation. When you turn on the main water spigot you can trace the lines and open up the corresponding valves. Some things that are not connected to the watering lines will need to be done by hand/hose. The hose is located on the wall near the spigot. Please roll the hose back up when you are finished. Make sure the main water spigot is turned off before leaving.




    Where do we get the garden tools?

    The  tools are located in the shed. Please use caution when using the tools. Children must be supervised at all times when using tools. Larger tools are usually not needed during the summer. Sorry kids, light weeding does not require the use of the large pick ax. The garden trowels usually will be the only tool you'll need.  



    What do we weed?

    If you don't recognize it as what should be there, then pull it out. Most of the weeds are starting to occur in the pathways, along the edge of the garden, shed, and greenhouse. I have started to cover them with mulch to kill them off. In the raised beds there will be a few weeds along with some plants.  You can always take a picture and send it to me. I can identify most of the weeds out there.  If you don't feel comfortable weeding then don't. 



    When is the right time to harvest?

    If it looks and smells good, then have at it. I always make sure I leave some for the next family. I am also putting the garden blog on my website where you can let us know what you have picked. Please let us know what you picked, how many, and most importantly how did it taste.



    What about insects?

    For many summers we have  had problems with ants, aphids, and cucumber beetles.We are an organic garden, and do not use sprays or chemicals. If the garden is watered regularly, then the ants will not be a problem. We only had problems with aphids on the corn a few years ago, so keep an eye out. The cucumber beetles were our largest problem. They look like green ladybugs. If you see any, squish them. Have the kids go on a bug hunt and squish any green ladybugs they see. I will be releasing red ladybugs and praying mantises to help control the insects. Please leave the red ladybugs and praying mantises alone. They help eat the other insects.There are black widows located in the garden just like any outdoor area. Instruct your children on what they look like and to keep clear of them. They like to hide in dry dark areas. 



    What is general maintenance?

    It is windy in our garden and things tend to blow over. Please replace items that are knocked down. Trash tends to get blown into the garden. Please pick it up and throw it away. There are a few garbage cans located near the greenhouse for general trash. I will come by and dump them a few times throughout the summer. You will also need to check the compost bins (large black containers) for animal waste. Dog owners throw their special "doggie bags" into the compost. We don't want those in there. You can transfer those bags into the regular garbage.




    Do we have vandalism?

    We have had a some vandalism in the past. A few years ago someone broke into the shed and stole some items. We do have dogs that get into the garden and make a mess. If you see dogs roaming freely around the garden, please inform their owners to keep them out of the garden. Please report any other vandalism issues to me immediately, and I will report it to the police and school.