• Every day your child works incredibly hard to become a stronger reader, writer, and mathematician. They read, write, build, sing, chant, create and socialize – it is a long day. When students arrive home, we do not want families burdened with hours of extra work. Extra-curricular activities and family time are important. Additionally, students need the opportunity to explore, play, and be a kid! 

    Research shows that developing fine and gross motor skills, building imaginative thinking skills, and fostering a sense of creativity are critically important skills for young learners. Additionally, these ‘non-academic’ skills build a strong foundation for the learning that happens inside our classroom. Therefore, this year we will be using an alternative to the traditional homework packet - an experience and play-based homework choice board.

    Each month you will receive a choice board. These choice boards are not meant to be daunting or overwhelming. Rather, they are intended to build fine and gross motor skills, creativity, and imaginative skills. As students complete an activity, they may color that square in. They can submit the choice board at the end of the month for panther coupons!

    In addition to the attached choice board, we ask that you continue reading at home with your student each evening and complete our weekly math pages. Spelling homework is optional. At times, I may send home specific activities that would benefit your student. Regardless, these activities should take no more than 20 minutes of your evening.