Find out about eBooks from the Dublin Library

    eBooks from the Dublin Library

    Downloadable to: Nook, Kindle, I-Pads, tablets and many other eReaders on the market. Your library supplies digital media from Overdrive, EBSCO, and several other providers as well as links to sites that offer free access to e-books.

    Complete information is at:




    Step 1: Explore! Check out the variety of e-book offerings
    through the Library’s website at 
    Ebook Information
    Step 2: The best selection for popular reading is currently on Overdrive. 
    The link for Overdrive is on the library’s home page at 
    It is also listed in the ebook guide at guides.aclibrary.org/ebooks.

    Step 3: Unless you are using a Kindle, you will need to install e-Reading software, called Adobe Digital Editions on your device and/or computer. This software is free. Just look for software downloads within Overdrive. 

     Tip: The location for help screens and downloading software varies for each vendor such as Overdrive, EBSCO, or others. 

    Step 4: Download Adobe Digital Editions and authorize it. You will need to create an Adobe account (free) in order to authorize. If you are using Overdrive, and want audiobooks, also download the Overdrive Media Console.

    Help is available!

    Step 5: Once Adobe Digital Editions is downloaded and installed on your computer, you can return to Overdrive and browse the collection. Check out your selections and download the eBook to your computer.

    Step 6: Transfer the ebook from your computer to your device. Note, if your device is Internet connected, you can download the book directly to your device.

     Step 7: Enjoy!