The California Career Resource Network (CalCRN) program in the California Department of Education (CDE) is charged with providing career exploration resources for middle and high schools. CalCRN has two free online exploration tolls and a variety of resources online as free downloadable PDFs. These resources can be used by anyone in California. CalCRN is mandated via education code to serve all Californians, with a primary focus on middle and high school.
    CalCRN's home site (www.californiacareers.info) has links to all CalCRN resources and PDFs. The site has three entry points - Student - Education - Job/Career Seeker.
     The California CareerZone - (www.cacareerzone.org) is a web-based career exploration system providing four easy to use career assessment tools that connect users with information on relevant California occupational options and colleges. User account feature and free downloadable workbook (8 pages). 
    California Reality Check - (www.californiarealitycheck.org) is an online budgeting exercise that enables students to build a budget that supports the lifestyle they would like to achieve as adults, and then links those budget choices to occupational and educational goals.  The site includes a free downloadable workbook (8 pages).
     The California Career Planning Guide (PDF) (www.californiacareers.info)  is a hard copy resources that guides students in developing a personal career action plan (100 pages). FREE online PDFs in English and Spanish plus English and Spanish text versions.