• Murray Elementary 
    New Student Enrollment
    Have you just moved to Dublin? Do you need to enroll at Murray Elementary School? Here is how to start the process....
    1. The following forms need to be completed: (these forms can be completed online & printed or picked up from the school office)
    2. Bring copies of the following items with you when enrolling:
    • Verification of Birth date for student (one of the following)
      • Birth Certificate
      • Passport
      • Baptismal Certificate
    • Current Immunization Record
    • TWO Proofs of Residency, noting parents' name and address (please refer to Verification of Residence Form)
    • The following items if applicable:
      • Withdrawal Form from previous school
      • Health Documentation regarding special medical concerns
      • Guardianship: Legal documentation that verifies full-time guardianship if student does not live with parent
      • Special Education Plan 
    All Students must have enrollment verified prior to attending.