• Ms. Longyear’s Classroom Procedures

    In the morning, students will:

    Enter the classroom in quiet manner

    Take out homework from the previous night and place on corner of desk for collection 

    Begin writing Prompt of the Day in ELA Journal

    After homework is collected, have material for class ready


    When the bell rings, students will:

              Be absolutely quiet

              Be ready to go with backpacks zipped up, but not attached to

              the student

    Have hands on top of the desks and feet completely on the floor

              Have area around desk clean and orderly

              Wait to be dismissed by Ms. Longyear, and no sooner


    Before students are dismissed for the day, students will:

              Have all assignments written down in their Minder Binder

              Make sure they have all handouts


    When the lights are turned off, students will:

              Freeze and stop what they are doing

              Turn and face the teacher

              Be ready for instruction

    Ms. Longyear’s Classroom Rules

    1.        Always be on time.
    2.        Come prepared to class.
    3.        Act responsibly and follow the Wells Way
    4.        Eating is not allowed in the classroom.
    5.        Always raise your hand before speaking up.
    6.        No foul language or slang will be tolerated.
    7.        Use “please” and “thank you” as much as possible.
    8.        Be seated at all times.
    9.        Always follow the teacher’s instructions.
    10.        At the end of class, remain seated until the teacher releases you. 

    Most important: 

    Respect yourself, those around you, and your surroundings at all times!