• Back to School Night - Room 1

    First Grade with Mrs. Baalman


    Welcome to a new school year! I am looking forward to an exciting year of learning.
    This letter contains a lot of important information.
    Please use this as a reference throughout the year.


    Daily Schedule

    8:25     School begins

    2:00     Dismissal on Mondays and Tuesdays and Collaboration Wednesdays

    3:00     Dismissal on non-Collaboration Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

    **The following Wednesdays are collaboration days.  Students will be dismissed at 2:00pm

    August 23, 30;  September 13, 20, 27;  October 11, 18;  November 1, 29;  December 6, 13;

    January 10, 31;  February 14, 28;  March 7, 21;  April 11, 25;  May 9, 23.


    Special Activities

    Wednesday 1:15-2:00  P.E.                             Thursday 11:00-11:30  Library

    Thursday 12:30-1:15  Fine Arts                                              



    The purpose of homework is to reinforce concepts and skills taught in class, to provide an opportunity for extra practice and to teach responsibility and organizational skills. Please provide your child with:


    • A set study area to complete work
    • Homework supplies
    • A set time to do work
    • A place to put all completed assignments


    Regular reading is essential for all children if they are to become successful readers. This includes independent reading as well as being read to by parents and siblings. Eighty minutes each week is the minimum students should be reading. One of the most important things you can do for your child is read to them and/or have them read to you every night of the week.


    Students will begin receiving homework this week. Your child will come home each Friday with a red folder, which is to be returned with completed homework the following Thursday.  Please help your child with the directions, help them complete the work to the best of their ability, and help them place it in the red folder and in their backpack so it can be returned on time. It is important that they develop good study habits now, and their success depends on your support.


    Our Classroom Rules

    The students and I discussed what they need to be able to learn at school.  They brainstormed behaviors that facilitate this, which we then grouped into the following pledge.  The students have promised to…


                …be respectful                                                …be responsible

                …be ready                                           …ask first

    Classroom Management

    • Positive reinforcement
    • Rewards and consequences at an individual, group and whole class level
    • Set consistent and fair expectations


    Classroom Discipline Plan

    The goal of my plan is to help children learn self-discipline, responsibility, problem-solving skills, and cooperation. When a child has difficulty following classroom agreements, I will work with the child to:

    • Determine why the problem is occurring.
    • Identify alternatives and strategies to prevent the behavior from
      occurring again.
    • Identify an appropriate consequence for the behavior.


    Natural and Logical Consequences

    I do not have predetermined consequences for problem behavior. I will be using
    the following criteria for determining consequences for specific behaviors:

    • Related - The consequence is related to the problem behavior.
    • Respectful - The consequence does not humiliate or embarrass the child.
    • Reasonable - The consequence is reasonable in relationship to the behavior.

    I will make every effort to contact you when a behavior is persistent or serious. Working together is the key to success.



    Parent Volunteers/Visitors

    Parents are always welcome in the classroom. Please sign in and get a pass at the office prior to your visit so we can account for everyone on campus. There are a variety of ways in which you can help in our classroom, including listening to students read, preparing homework folders and helping with class parties.  In addition, there are some tasks that can be done at home, including checking math packets and cutting or assembling papers.



    If your child would like to share a birthday treat with the class, s/he may do so during the morning snack (no nuts, please).  If you would like to have your child pass out invitations to their party at school please make sure that everyone in the class is invited. If you are only able to invite a few students, please send them by mail or have your child pass them out after school.  I would like to try to avoid having hurt feelings.



    Please provide your child with a healthy snack for recess.  They are generally hungry then and need that brain-food to make it to lunchtime.



    Final Note

    Many parents have asked me what they can do to support their child’s education. Daily attendance is paramount to your child’s success. Classroom experiences cannot be replicated in independent study. Children need to be in contact with the curriculum and with their peers and teachers.


    I am looking forward to an exciting year with your children. They have already proven to be a bright, caring and wonderful class in the short time that I have known them. I am also looking forward to staying in contact with all of you during the school year. Our partnership will ensure that your child has a successful year!


    Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. You can use my voicemail, email, send a note with your child or stop by after school.



    Kelly Baalman

    Phone: 828-1037 x 5268

    Email: baalmankelly@dublinusd.org